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SC B and C vs MP Jr K

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    SC B and C vs MP Jr K

    I already have the MP Jr Kindergarten core and read-aloud set.

    What would I need to get to be able to do Simply Classical B and C because I see a great deal of overlap, but there are ones that are just in the Simply Classical sets
    Looking at the samples of the craft books for Simply Classical B and C i'm getting the feeling that it's just the MP Jr Craft book broken into two part.

    Re: SC B and C vs MP Jr K

    Yay, your first post. Welcome macmacmoo!

    Yes, you're correct there's definitely overlap between these three programs. The short answer is Jr.K was split into the two Simply Classical levels B and C. But it's not exactly that simple because SC C goes further academically than Jr.K as it introduces First Start Reading (FSR) book A and the slower pace overall means some books were added to Simply Classical.

    So what would you need to add given that you already have the JrK program?

    For SC level B you would need:
    -The Children's Garden of Bible Stories. (It's really good, don't skip this).
    -Richard Scarry's Please and Thank you book. It's used for multiple weeks, definitely worth buying as adverse to borrowing from the library.
    -Prayer for a Child. Prayers are recited 2x everyday.
    -How Can I Help
    -Bible Pictures to Color. This works / strengthens pencil grasp with daily coloring. It's related closely to the Bible readings.
    -A Childs Garden of Verses, used everyday.
    -Best First Book Ever
    -Garden of Songs CD and Back to the Garden CD, used everyday. My kids love love love them.
    -My first Body Book. A board book used to discuss body parts, emotions, senses, clothing. Vocabulary builder.
    -Do It Carefully, working that pencil grip again.
    -Adventures with Books, fine motor work again
    -Everywhere We Go. These little books are so cheap, don't skip them. They're lovely.
    -ABC Book, used everyday to build phonological awareness.

    For Level C you would need to add:
    -Classical Phonics. This will get a workout, it's used clear through grade 2.
    -First Start Reading teacher guide and Book A, used again in kindergarten or Simply Classical level 1 and maybe 2.
    -A chart showing proper letter formation.
    -Alphabet Book part 2
    -Numbers Book part 1 and 2 (these are replaced by the new Numbers and Colors Book in JrK)
    -Going on Eagerly
    -the entire Wonder, Beauty and Imagination set for SC C, minus the Mother Goose book which is used in JrK. The Nature Reader and Animal Alphabet are also used in kindergarten. Although we've never actually gotten around to coloring the animal book.

    That's it. You can reuse the JrK craft book, half the crafts are used in Level B and the others in Level C.

    Seems like a big list, but many of these resources are pretty inexpensive. Take the rod and staff books, for example. Most of the books are used for multiple weeks, so atleast you get your money's worth out of them.

    Seeing as its your first post, what made you interested in switching from JrK to the Simply Classical track?
    Married to DH for 13 years. Living the rural life in the Colorado mountains

    DS10- Simply Classical 4 / Grade 3 Classic Core,
    DD8- Grade 2 Classic Core,
    DD 6- Classic Core Kindergarten


      Re: SC B and C vs MP Jr K

      Short answer: because I don't want to use my brain cells to figure out how to make Jr K into a two year program.

      Long answer: I bought Jr K for my second kid, who ended up going to the local elementary school for special education preshool because of where we were it was the only way we could get speech. Thing Three will be doing MP preschool this year and I'm just doing so light planning ahead. I remember going batty just trying to figure out how to make Jr K two day schedule be stretched over a week. While no two kids are a like it's better to wait till my boys are older nearly six five to start kindergarten then barely just turned five. Which means I'll need a two year Jr k.


        Re: SC B and C vs MP Jr K

        I totally hear ya! That's what we're doing here. My littlest is doing SC B right now, but then we'll move to JrK next year. There will be some repeat, but ehhh. I already had the full JrK program from my middle and I didn't want to buy the extras to make it SC C. Plus, we'll be doing 2 other full cores and I thought I'd be lucky if we did 2 days with the littlest. Ha
        Married to DH for 13 years. Living the rural life in the Colorado mountains

        DS10- Simply Classical 4 / Grade 3 Classic Core,
        DD8- Grade 2 Classic Core,
        DD 6- Classic Core Kindergarten