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Training my daughter to return books to bookshelf...I need your suggestions please.

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    Training my daughter to return books to bookshelf...I need your suggestions please.

    Hello mamas,

    I would like any tips you have for helping my daughter put books back on the shelf once she's done with them. She is 6 years old (7 at the end of July), but has a varying skill set equivalent to that of a 2-4 year old (if I had to's been 5 years since she's had a developmental evaluation where they could give me that information....but that's for another post). She knows that books go back on the shelf but perhaps due to some processing and motor challenges, and just plain lack of patience, she still needs or asks for help putting some books back on the shelf. I honestly just think she doesn't want to take the time to do it most of the time because when I make her put them back she can do it if she doesn't try to rush. I've done hand over hand, guided her verbally, etc. and this has been going on for a while. It's frustrating because she may be in her room where she has a bookshelf or in the room where we have our lessons, and will take many books off the shelf and leave them sprawled across the floor. She doesn't actually read yet but she does love books. The other thing is that my son, 5 years old and reading very well, also has access to the books. He usually puts the books back if left to himself but once he sees that she's created a mountain of books he doesn't bother to return them either. He knows better and so I may just have to come up with a separate consequence for him. I don't want to take away their access to the books because my son is voracious reader and like I said, my daughter really enjoys "reading" the books. I am just becoming so frustrated to have a floor that was fairly clear to walk on suddenly become littered with books. Any ideas on how I can train her to return the books once she's done with each one? Creative consequences? Is this something I just need to deal with during this season? Please tell me there's a better way. Lol! I've been wanting to ask this for months thinking that I should be able to figure this out on my own but I need some advice here. Thank you!

    Re: Training my daughter to return books to bookshelf...I need your suggestions pleas

    I would say, make sure your shelves aren't crammed full. She won't need to 'squeeze' a book in.

    Or how about stacking them vertically instead of horizontally shelving them?

    I have gone through this with markers with my youngest. She doesn't have the hand strength to the get the lids back on so she just opens, colors, and abandons them. I tried telling her to put them in a separate box and ask for help when she was done, but to no avail. After replacing boxes and boxes of markers I finally just forbade her to use them. No, my wee one you will be using crayons for eternity.

    Now she knows she can only use markers if I'm able to sit right there with her.

    Maybe you girl can be relegated to her special basket of books. Change them regularly, but the shelved books are off limits.
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      Re: Training my daughter to return books to bookshelf...I need your suggestions pleas

      I second a book basket, shelves off limits!

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        Re: Training my daughter to return books to bookshelf...I need your suggestions pleas

        Originally posted by howiecram View Post
        I second a book basket, shelves off limits!
        We have books on the floor daily. For us, it's a time issue (multiple kids with ADHD) and just plain bad habits. For library books we set very strict boundaries (I was tired of paying damage fees!) and they have worked so well that I may establish similar ones for our "normal" books. Here are our library book rules:

        1. All library books are stored in a large basket (the basket has to be big so the books can be put in any old way and still not get bent/torn)
        2. If you are reading a library book and have to go do something else, you put the book back in the bin FIRST
        3. Any library books found out of the bin are lost for the remainder of the week
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          Re: Training my daughter to return books to bookshelf...I need your suggestions pleas

          Thank you for your suggestions! My son and daughter have each been given a basket to hold 10 books a piece. They can share their choices of course, but they must return them to the basket. This will hopefully build the habit of returning the books once they're done with them. I decided on a Sunday & Thursday rotation of books and once I see that they can handle this over the next few weeks, we can increase the load. I've turned their bookshelf around (it's a small bookshelf) and at some point, I told them, we will turn it around for good...once they're mastered the art of returning the books.

          Thanks again for your help!