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Anyone using SC with children on the FAS spectrum?

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    Anyone using SC with children on the FAS spectrum?

    Last year I used SC 1 and C with my boys. This year they are in a three day a week co-op for children with special needs or special learning needs, and they have progressed academically. However, I think I could be more individualized next year and am looking at bringing them home again. I'm nervous about that, but long-term, we definitely don't want them in public school and this little school only goes through age 12. They have picked up some negative behaviors and learned some new words we wish they hadn't, plus I'd rather work on bonding with us instead of the sweet Christian teachers at school. They definitely made progress with SC, and I think now they are more ready to progress further. My husband really likes that Cheryl emphasizes the child learning to serve. I think they will be either in SC 2 or 3, or maybe a mixture. The 8 year old is more fluent in reading and the 9 year old is ahead in math. I will do History, Science, art, music together. They've been home over six years, so they are very fluent in English, but our 9 year old has some language issues. I'm just wondering if anyone else is successfully teaching their children with FAS or FAE? Our boys are not severe, but they have definite behavior and learning issues. Just wanting to know if their are other kids with the same issues here. Thanks, Lillian

    Re: Anyone using SC with children on the FAS spectrum?


    I have a 12 year old and 13 year old adopted from Latvia who have FAS. We use Simply Classical with them. They are in level 2 of it but are a level ahead of math so we use math materials from Rod & Staff 2 right now with them and use the suggested read alouds (on math) for review when they come up in the curriculum.

    I'm happy to talk to you about our experience using the curriculum. You can ask questions here or email me [email protected] or friend me on facebook under Heather Bain Brandt. I am unsure if you are in some of my fav FAS family support groups on fb but I can share those as well. There is even one that is just on homeschooling.

    My two children with FAS look forward to their Simply Classical curric and truly enjoy it. We are very thankful for it as we had been trying to piece things together for them since 2013 and it is much easier to have this excellent resource prepared for them.