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SCC progress?

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    Re: SCC progress?

    Originally posted by howiecram View Post
    He loves his glasses, btw! He gets to be just like his Daddy!

    I think you & your husband are right to be concerned. Keep following those instincts. Think of other people on both sides of the family who might have learning difficulties. As you're realizing with the eye exam situation, you will not want to "put off" your gut-level concerns with either of your children any more. YOU will lead the professionals, whether with vision, reading, sensory issues, or any other concerns you have. You are not being paranoid. Push for all of the services, evaluations, and resulting therapies any of your children need. These are the years to focus on such things.

    Here is a free handbook on dyslexia. Set aside an hour to listen to the free 2016 webinar at the bottom of this page. The most hopeful information is that the process of learning to read actually changes brain structure, so you will be working with neural plasticitiy: "Intervention normalizes brain activation patterns!" You can see brain changes in the study she shares. Just 45 minutes a day of intensive reading instruction for 33 weeks (sounds like your SC plans!) will make important improvements. You will also see the webinar leader discuss the need for concomitant teaching of spelling, writing, and fluency training, just as with your daily SC lessons.

    Get ready to dig in with both of your children.

    You may want to find or become an O-G tutor, or find or become a Barton tutor. You might want to continue with SC or SC/AAR homeschooling. You have options. However, whether you receive a formal diagnosis this year or not, and no matter which reading program you select, you will want to become a dyslexia expert.

    Begin with the two resources above. Your own loving, language-rich, book-loving home will be the perfect place to nurture those children. You are on the right track.