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SC2 recitation

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    SC2 recitation

    As background, we are finishing week 9 in Simply Classical 2 and my son struggles mightily with memorization. We are camped out on week 1 of recitation.

    We have been working diligently with recitation with very little success. Suddenly yesterday he showed some glimmer of recognition of our phone number. THIS was big news. We then acted out the memory verse ("Let my people go") with one child acting the Pharoh and the other being Moses shouting the memory verse.

    Then, at supper, my husband asked the kids what they learned in school. My son said he learned our phone number. Hmm, we've been 'learning' that for over 2 months, I thought to myself. And then a miracle occurred right there in my humble kitchen. My son said his phone number from memory! I nearly fell off my seat. Fist-bumps and hoorays were exchanged all around. He went on to to recite 2 memory verses.

    Cheryl, I wish you could have seen the twinkle in his eye this morning during recitation. He oozed success over a very hard thing. I think he grew 2 inches. We're still working on the opening prayer, 1 more verse, and his birthday, but other than that we've checked off all of week 1 for memorization.

    And for the other mama's on this board, success may seem a tiny light far in the distance or even unreachable, but perserverence in this curriculum does wonders. It is good to stretch our children in their weaknesses. It stretches them academically, but also stretches their character.

    It is no good to just give them candy curricula, they yearn for meat and potatoes too. And that is what this curriculum provides amidst a world of fluff; a good, true, beautiful curriculum that touches their brain AND their soul.

    Kudos to the MP team!
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    Re: SC2 recitation

    Celebrating with you!!! I completely understand what a huge accomplishment this is, and I can just imagine the pride on your little guy's face

    My youngest has struggled mightily with the months of the year. They're sequential, and well, dyslexia feels like a curse at times! And yet, recitation is his favorite part of our school day.

    Yay! for your son!
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      Re: SC2 recitation

      Hooray! Hooray! So fantastic! I (of course) agree heartily with your convictions about SC! It's done so much for our family. Congratulations!
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        Re: SC2 recitation

        What an encouraging moment for you and your son! Thanks for sharing

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          Re: SC2 recitation

          Family fist bumps, standing two inches taller, and "oozing success" during recitations ... amazing. Congratulations!


            Re: SC2 recitation

            Wonderful! What a beautiful reward for everyone's perseverance.
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