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Down syndrome & the SC Curriculum

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    Down syndrome & the SC Curriculum

    Word is spreading! This morning we received this from the mother of a 12-year-old young man with Down syndrome:

    This is our family's fourteenth year of homeschooling. Our fifth child has Down Syndrome and is twelve years old. We are so grateful to have found MP's special needs series.

    Last year we did level B and it helped our son become more acquainted with academic work, reciting and listening. This year we are so excited to be able to follow a schedule without becoming discouraged as in past years. Up until now I would piece together a mish mash of materials and activities, which would vary drastically according to my energy levels and his tolerance.

    We have hope finally that our son can feel proud to join his siblings in school work that is his level and he is really working! Perhaps most importantly he will be able to grow in good habits of learning.

    We promote this program to anyone with children who have special needs. It is just wonderful to have the practical format for skills and goals along with lesson plans that are easy to follow and allow for adding other special learning tools and therapy.

    Thank you VERY much for helping many special needs students including our son!


    This is so heartwarming, especially because homeschooling parents of children with special needs are busy parents. Such encouraging words keep us going.

    Thank you -


    Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

    Re: Down syndrome & the SC Curriculum

    So encouraging. ❤️

    Catholic mom to five
    Prospective 2019-2020:
    Ds '01 - College freshman: Thomas Aquinas College
    Ds '03 - 10th grade: MPOA (SFL, biology, Algebra 2), MP 10M lit, US history, and MoDG religion
    Ds '06 - 8th: MP Tiner science (chemistry, physics, and astronomy), 8M lit, 8M Exploring Planet Earth, FFL, ancient history, OLVS 8 Catechism
    Dd '10 (Down syndrome) - JrK with SC C adaptations
    Ds '15 - JrK with big sister


      Re: Down syndrome & the SC Curriculum

      So glad I found this curriculum! I've done about half of Level A with our son with T21 (Down Syndrome), and it's going very well. He's ready for Level B, but I think it would be good for him to finish A first. It's so organized & fun, but serious about teaching so many important things using various senses. I like that we keep moving, especially physically, b/c it keeps his attention more.

      Thank you for writing this! It's true our children can achieve so much more than we realize if given the chance and believed in.

      Mama to:
      Sons - ages 20, 14, 11 (internationally adopted w/ special needs), 6 & 4 (w/ DS, treated at The Family Hope Center)
      Daughters - ages 19, 17, 16, 11 (internationally adopted), 11 & 8