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Question on R&S Math 1

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    Question on R&S Math 1

    Hi All,

    As mentioned previously, we're doing MP 1 Core for my special needs son. I wrote recently about how (since he doesn't have the R&S background from MP K we are working our way through the lessons, from the beginning, just moving forward instead of the "review lessons" that the lessons plans state.) So here's my question.... when my son completes the "identifying how many dots" type of activities/worksheets....should I be stressing him not to count and just to recognize? He was doing great with this a couple weeks back. But then we had some days off from schooling due to grandparents visiting, etc. And we returned back to R&S today. For some reason we had to review and drill flashcards I made of the dots. We did lesson 9 today. So that includes recognizing visual (dot) quantities of 0-8.

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

    Re: Question on R&S Math 1

    Hi, Susan.

    No need to stress, but you can also work on this "on the side." Do you have the SC lesson plans for R&S 1?

    Even though you're teaching from MP 1, you can use ideas from the SC R&S 1 lesson plans to help with such things.

    In non-school time, or to conclude the math lesson, you might play games with dice or dominos. Make up your own games. Example: roll a die; have him identify. He'll count at first, but encourage rapid i.d., until he learns to "see" the pattern. You can do this any time, preferably often.

    Talk about the patterns with dice. Examine them. How is "four" different than "five"? How is "three" different than "six"?

    You can also play formal games with dice (e.g., Yahtzee) and Dominos. More is better, if he enjoys such games.


      Re: Question on R&S Math 1

      Hello, beautifully wise Cheryl....
      I knew you'd chime in with wisdom for me. Okay, so no, I don't have the SC lesson plans for R&S 1. Regardless of what SC or MP core I use, I'm starting from the beginning with R&S 1 because my son has had Right Start Math and it's all very different. So instead of trying to figure out where to start, I just decided to start at the beginning to help lay the foundation. He actually recognized quantities the RightStart way. And now we're re-doing with the R&S way. My goal with R&S 1 is to end the year with the MP 1. IS that the same as SC2? Do they both end the year in the same place? For us, though, we're spending more time on actual lessons the first 7 or 8 weeks instead of review. Which means I'm doing 2 or 3 lessons a day.


        Re: Question on R&S Math 1

        MP 1 and SC2 both end with finishing rod and staff math grade 1, book 2.

        Book 1 is completed in MP K and SC1. Book 2 is completed the next year.

        If just using the rod and staff teacher manual as your guide, it is designed to move through both book 1 and book 2 in one year. If you wanted to add in the Simply Classical activities you could just purchase the pdf schedules. I think they're $7 or so. They're only a few pages, so they're a breeze to print out.

        I think one of the benefits of the pdf schedule is that it schedules the blacklines, things I typically forget to assign when just doing a lesson a day. Memoria press schedules these blacklines as a way of stretching the one book out over a full year. In your case, you could assign them as review or seat work when working with another student.

        As far as those dots. It's just pattern recognition. So, just as quick as your child 'reads' a 5, they should recognize the dot pattern for 5. I would use a flannel board just as they recommend. Make sure you're placing your little squares in the same pattern as the dot cards. It's all about repetition.

        If you haven't made a flannel board, here's what I did. I spent a whole whopping $2 on a piece of flannel at walmart. I hot glued it to the back of a whiteboard. You could glue it to a piece of cardboard or a good sized picture frame from a thrift store. I then cut 10 1 inch square pieces out of a contrasting flannel color. You can buy 8x11 flannel pieces in the craft section. You also need 1 strip of the same color cut 1 inch by 10 inches.

        Just keep plodding along, that pattern recognition will develop gradually.
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          Re: Question on R&S Math 1

          There's definitely a learning curve with teaching R&S. It was intimidating to me at first. But it's really foolproof. There is SO MUCH repetition, you really can't go wrong. So yes -- just keeping trotting along. No worries.

          RS2 doesn't start until MP2/SC3. You have time.
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