This is for anyone coming to MP for help with a student who has special learning needs in writing, spelling, and comprehension, yet who reads at a 2nd/3rd-grade level.

Note: you can always substitute your own math program or substitute our recommended R&S Arithmetic (mastery teaching) at a higher level, if needed.

SC Level 2

The key instruction: OMIT the Moose Moments phonics readers. Keep everything else. Keep the ALS readers and the Core Skills: Phonics student books. Add the Extended Literature set for practice in reading fluency. Note that we offer incremental lesson plans for everything, so you just open and teach, step by step. Even if you customize, obtain the Curriculum Guide, because you will find 34 weeks of scheduled, daily lessons to guide you. You will also find helps in the Appendix that you would not receive in the Individual Lesson Plans.

--For composition and reading comprehension, Writing: Step-by-Step Sentences
Even though her reading skills fall at the upper end (age 8-9), the systematic, step-by-step study for writing will benefit her. We use visualizing of scenes through illustrations, sentence building, and comprehension questions. You would need this writing book and the Read-aloud set. Sometimes comprehension is best taught with content slightly lower than the student's typical coursework anyway! Then the focus can become the actual content, such as science material and fiction, which the student can fully grasp. You can see the book list through the link. You would want the Simply Classical Level 2 Manual for this, because the Appendix is full of visual cues to aid comprehension.

--For math, just add her current math program or select ours.

--For Christian studies, add Writing: Step-by-Step Sentences, Bible edition. This would cement those composition skills learned in the read-aloud program, because they overlap. The Bible edition is slightly more difficult, which would challenge her. Our text for this is one book, A Child's Garden of Bible Stories, written at a 2nd/3rd grade level (i.e., perfect for her as a reader, rather than as a read-aloud!). OR teach the stories with only Simply Classical Copybook 2. This coordinates with her Bible stories.

The nice thing about all of her Christian studies is that it will all be from a different book than MP K or 1, so if you are coming from these programs, she will not feel as if she is repeating anything at all. She will just be gaining a good foundation in Christian studies and biblical literacy.

--For penmanship, you would need NAC 1 and our new Cursive Sheets. You receive multi-sensory cursive lesson plans inside your guide.

--For reading fluency, we schedule an Extended Literature set of chapter books. You may already own these.

--For oration, vocabulary, literary studies, and composition, SC StoryTime Treasures, if you have not already taught from MP StoryTime. Our version offers more practice in oration, grammar, comprehension, and composition. Again, sometimes the easier reading assists those more difficult aspects of spelling, comprehension, oration, and writing.

--For spelling, our new SC Spelling Book One is primarily aural/oral program but includes some writing for visual memory. In Book One, the student covers 9 Key patterns, rules, and semantic categories in 34 weeks, along with 72 commonly used words to improve the student's own writing. In addition, she engages in weekly Word Study exercises included in the book. This promotes flexibility in thinking while addressing spelling and phonics skills.

--For greater challenge, in the Level 2 Curriculum Guide, you receive a 5th day each week to "Delve Deeply," if you feel the student is not sufficiently challenged in any given subject. This is included in your lessons. You can teach 4 days or 5.

--Finally, for beauty and loveliness, we include Art and music studies! For this, you would need these Art Cards and the lessons inside your guide. We have a simplified art, music, and literature study to accompany those cards.

The lesson plans and scheduling for these studies are included in your Curriculum Guide. You receive 34 weeks of instruction with an optional 8-week review or extension. And, again, the 5th day is "Delve Deeply" for extension within the school year, if desired.

Most of the customizing, if not all, can be done online with the Customize tab for ordering. The MP office staff is also very good about helping over the phone, if you bring an ordering list to them.

Spread the word! You can select components, or teach from all. Our new Level 2 can meet many students' needs in many ways. Note that Level 3 is on track for being released by the time you would finish Level 2.

For anyone who finds this too teacher intensive, too expensive, or just "too much" in any way, let us know here or email We believe in the benefits of a full program for any student and can help you combine for large families. However, we can also help whittle down these components to help you provide the least expensive methods of teaching the basics while retaining the beauty and benefits of literature, art, music, and Christian studies for students with learning challenges and special learning needs.

Edited to add:
For anyone interested, an incremental introduction to Latin begins at the end of SC Level 3 with Prima Latina, after English phonics and reading skills are firmly in place.

See Mrs. Lowe's Top Ten Reasons for Studying Latin. See also How Can I Teach Latin if I Don't Know It Myself? or In Defense of Latin. We discuss additional benefits to children with special needs in Simply Classical.

My daughter (with borderline intellectual disability, severe mental illness) gained such a facility with language after her years with Latin, she began to write her own poetry and still loves learning Latin. As if to punctuate Mrs. Lowe's articles, my son (with autism, learning disabilities) once said, "Latin is so orderly, it takes my boggled mind and sorts it out."

If you would like to do teach Latin to your children with special learning needs, we are willing to help with special lesson plans, more review, and a more incremental pace. Look for these to begin second semester, SC Level 3.