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SC2 Readiness Assessment?

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    SC2 Readiness Assessment?


    I am looking for the SC 2 Readiness Assessment. When I click on the link that says it is the Readiness Assessment, I get the "Skills to Continue Building" form.

    Thank you!
    Eight kids ages 16 - infant, +Rosamaria+
    Cores for 2016/17 - some 10M, most of 8M, 6M, 4A

    "Our hearts are restless until they rest in Him."

    Re: SC2 Readiness Assessment?

    Until we re-title this correctly, please use this list as your Readiness Assessment!

    Thanks for catching this.

    I will link to a more streamlined SC 2 Readiness Assessment as soon as we can place the assessment on the website.

    If you have any questions after working through the list of skills, feel free to ask. Placement is important, so we want to help if you are unsure at all.



      Re: SC2 Readiness Assessment?


      Below please find a Level 2 readiness assessment. It is not yet available on the website, so I am posting it here for you.

      You can take the expanded assessment currently available on the website, or take this more specific skills assessment.

      If you have any questions about placement, just let us know.


      Simply Classical Curriculum Level 2 Readiness Assessment

      Level 2 emphasizes foundational skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic within the context of literature, art, music, science, and expanding general knowledge. Your student may begin Level 2, if 80-90% of the time your student:

      Reading Fluency and Comprehension
      -Can read CVC word lists, such as bed, fed, red, Ted.
      -Can begin to blend consonant-team sounds into words when reading orally, as with “sand” or “plot.”
      -Enjoys books, especially when read aloud to him.
      -Can retell a simple story in proper sequence.
      -Can answer simple detail questions about a story from memory, such as the name of a main character.

      Written Expression and Spelling
      -Can write letters Aa-Zz in manuscript or cursive with a good pencil grip.
      -Can spell familiar CVC words (cat, bed, pig, Mom, hut) correctly from dictation.
      -Enjoys writing letters and words.
      -Is beginning to combine written words to attempt sentences.

      Arithmetic and Fine-Motor Skills
      -Can count to 20, 50, or 100 accurately without assistance.
      -Can add and subtract small quantities of objects (1 rocks + 2 rocks = 3 rocks).
      -Can add or subtract small quantities with numerical representation (3-2 = 1).
      -Can write numerals correctly and can sustain writing tasks 10-15 minutes.

      Language and Cognitive Skills
      -Uses direction words (over, under, behind, before, after) correctly.
      -Can make comparisons (Which boy is taller? Which is older?).
      -Can offer cause and effect explanations for occurrences.
      -Can follow 3- to 4-step directions.
      -Speaks with 5- to 7-word sentences.

      Social/Emotional/Attention/Work Habits
      -Can sustain attention on a single task for 20-30 minutes with teacher assistance.
      -Can work on multiple subjects in a given day with breaks as needed.
      -Enjoys successful completion of work (i.e., takes pride in his work).

      If less than 80% in most categories, consider SC Level 1.

      If 80-90% in most categories, begin SC Level 2! Level 2 will help you guide your child to improved reading fluency and improved writing, spelling, memory, and arithmetic skills with the added benefits of art, music, science, and literature studies.

      Simply Classical Curriculum Level 2


        Re: SC2 Readiness Assessment?

        Thank you!
        Eight kids ages 16 - infant, +Rosamaria+
        Cores for 2016/17 - some 10M, most of 8M, 6M, 4A

        "Our hearts are restless until they rest in Him."