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What Would You Like to Be When You Grow Up?

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    What Would You Like to Be When You Grow Up?


    I just learned that a vote in the OldSchoolhouse poll entitles you to receive an entire set of booklets called the "Wanna Be Series." You can receive the series for free, if you vote before July 31, 2016 through this link.

    Scroll down to write in your favorite Special Needs product. If you teach from an entire Simply Classical Curriculum level, you can write in "Simply Classical Curriculum." If you teach only "Simply Classical Writing" or "Simply Classical Copybook" or other SC resource, you can write in the title. If you teach from any other MP resource, you can fill in those blanks in the other sections.

    This free series can promote good discussions about "What would you like to be when you grow up?" The series can also draw grateful awareness to the way that God serves us through the many workers in our own lives every day!