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Anger and aggression in 9 year old

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    Anger and aggression in 9 year old

    So I have six children, with ages between 2-10. My nine year old twin girls have autism and we have been using SC 1 for the last year with them, which has helped immensely. One of my daughters struggles with extreme anger and aggression. It is wrecking havoc on our home. She goes through multiple periods of rage everyday. It is also really stressfully to my other children. I am open to any ideas! Diet, supplements, books, I would be open to anything at this point. This has been an ongoing problem, but is getting worse as she gets older. We have avoided prescription meds up to this point, but I don't know if I can any longer.

    Re: Anger and aggression in 9 year old

    Hi, Jen.

    I'm sorry you are going through this. Do you have a good autism specialist for her, such as her psychiatrist, neurologist, or behavior specialist? If not, you may need to find someone for her now.

    You could start where she was diagnosed, or you could ask a good pediatrician for recommendations.

    For some reason, age 9 often seems to begin a new phase with children on the autism spectrum. You can research diet, supplements, and ancillary therapies, but someone really needs to see her for the anger and aggression, before these habituate either physiologically or in familial ways.

    As you already know, this affects every person in the home, but most importantly your daughter. Yes, get direct help as soon as possible to reverse these patterns and restore harmony both inside your daughter and inside your home.

    Praying for you and for her --



      Re: Anger and aggression in 9 year old

      We have dealt with aggression with our oldest two, in particular our oldest son whom we adopted at about age 8. We have used special diet & essential oils & homeopathy & those have helped. This time last year we ended up having to go to a specialist out of state to get more guidance in trying a different approach as no one near us fully understand our son and we were desperate for help. We are in a place of safety and trust again so we can continue to grow as a family. I have no idea where you live. I don't know much of your story but I can relate to the aggression and how it can be disruptive and make schooling and family life so difficult --and how it can affect the siblings and parents as well.

      If you ever want to talk privately you are welcome to contact me.

      Heather Brandt