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Horatius & Autism

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    Horatius & Autism

    How about this mental discipline for improving concentration, attention, and working memory within the context of classical studies? After much study, this young man with autism just earned the prestigious Winston Churchill Award!

    With permission from his mother, here he is ...

    Sloan recites Horatius at the Bridge

    He becomes more expressive around 12:38 and again at 16:00.

    A personal note -
    My son watched this with me. When nervous or excited, my Michael talks really fast, with autistic prosody, often unintelligibly. As Michael watched the video, he smiled broadly, as if with friendly recognition. Michael had studied the ballad, but it was more than this. He asked me, "Can you understand him?"

    "Not really," I admitted.

    Michael said proudly, "I can!!"

    If your middle-school or high-school student would like to attempt this formidable feat, see the Horatius at the Bridge set.

    Congratulations, Sloan! You inspire us.


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    Re: Horatius & Autism

    I missed this before!
    Very inspiring thank you for sharing.
    I think this is part of the yr 6?
    We are looking ahead to next fall and planning...we had been wondering with DS speech and intonation issues if we should skip it but we are encouraged to try.
    Winter 2019 :
    DD - Graduated!
    DS - core 9 with remediation/support
    DD - core 6 with remediation/support
    DS - moving from SC to grade 4


      Re: Horatius & Autism

      This is wonderful and very encouraging!...My middle son has Asperger's and I wondered if we would be able to do this when the time comes...Seeing this gives me a new perspective...

      Thank you for posting this...

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      DS -16 (9/4/00)
      DS -12 (9/9/04)
      DS -11 (7/3/06)