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Suddenly resistant to reading aloud?

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    Suddenly resistant to reading aloud?

    My daughter is doing First Grade core but I am posting this here because she has special needs (early onset bipolar disorder) and that has a bearing in how one approaches any problem concerning her. ) At any rate, she seems to be increasingly resistant to being read aloud to. Is this a phase? She is my first reader so I'm not sure what's normal as far as that goes. Everything I've read suggests that it is of utmost importance to continue reading aloud throughout your child's life but right now she never seems to want to. I've actually started reading bit of the books I'm reading aloud to my husband when she is around to interest her. How should I respond? Is she just enjoying her new skill? She learned to read over the summer and can already read things like My Father's Dragon, so she exploded in this area quite quickly. AT any rate, she ends up reading the read alouds from the core enrichment to me, and the poetry and anything else for that matter. Is this ok? Also I used to like to spend extra time at the end of the day reading aloud to her and again she's not interested lately. How should I respond? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    Re: Suddenly resistant to reading aloud?

    Will she let you partner read with her where you alternate reading paragraphs or pages? It may be that she is such a strong visual learner, that she has a hard time keeping track of the story if it is all read aloud to her. I think one of the strongest benefits of reading aloud is that they hear what fluent reading sounds like. You could still demonstrate that in partner reading, but help keep her focused on the story because she would be following along with you.

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      Re: Suddenly resistant to reading aloud?

      She is a very visual learner, so maybe she just prefers that visual input. Even if I do read aloud to her she's always right at my shoulder following the words with her eyes. Maybe for now I just need to find ways to model good reading for her (like using the partner read method you suggested) while I ensure there are good books around for her to read on her own as that seems to be what she prefers now. Thank you for your input.