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Just wanted to say thank you!

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  • cherylswope
    Re: Just wanted to say thank you!

    Good morning, Lillian.

    I read your words last week, just as I was leaving on an extended writing weekend for SC Level 2. (Perfect timing for such encouragement!)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write.


    Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

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  • LillianinAl
    started a topic Just wanted to say thank you!

    Just wanted to say thank you!

    Cheryl, I haven't been in here in awhile, but it's always so encouraging when I do. I'm so glad you're finding new doctors to work with Michelle and Michael! That's wonderful! I wanted to write and say how much I LOVE Simply Classical Curriculum! I have two special needs boys adopted from Ukraine, and I am using Level 1 with my 8 year old and Level C with my 7 year old. There isn't anything I don't like about it. The pace, the review, the interesting stories, the Bible story book, the crafts and activities, the instruction, the recitations, etc, are all just excellent! Thank you so much for your service to all us parents in putting this fantastic curriculum together! When we have a busy day or a behavior day (you know what I mean), I can just do as much of a day's lessons as we can do and finish the next day. On good days it's great and on hard days, I still have a plan to use and to get back to soon. Yesterday I had a few extra things to rake care of around the house and was a bit late getting upstairs. They were both ready for the predictable routine and time doing school. I look forward to seeing and ordering Level 2 for one and redoing Level 1 for the other next year. Thank you so much! Blessings, Lillian