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GHC Ontario, California in June

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    GHC Ontario, California in June

    Unless GHC changes the latest schedule, this is the plan for our Simply Classical sessions. I will be available at the MP Booth for conversation, questions about the Simply Classical Curriculum, and book signing at the times posted below.

    Speaking Schedule - for Cheryl Swope

    Friday 10am - 11am
    "What Good Are Labels: Understand Your Child's Learning Problems" Cheryl Swope & Kathy Kuhl
    Room 107 ABC

    Friday 7pm - 8pm
    "Why Classical Education for Special Needs? - You Can Do This!" Cheryl Swope
    Room 100 AB

    Saturday 4pm - 5pm
    "Classical Christian Education: Simply Defined" Cheryl Swope
    Room 203 ABC

    Memoria Press Booth Schedule - for Cheryl Swope

    Thursday 6pm - 9pm
    Friday 12pm - 5pm
    Saturday 11am - 3pm

    Note - The MP Booth will be fully staffed and abundantly full of beautiful teaching resources throughout the entire conference. Stop by the Memoria Press booth to see your MP catalog "come alive!" Meet the outspoken Martin Cothran and his soft-spoken wife Joyce.

    Martin Cothran speaks multiple times. Check the schedule. If you can, attend both panel discussions entitled "Classical Education Unplugged" for lively, unscripted, informative discussion with classical education leaders.

    I look forward to meeting SC Forum members (and more!). Please introduce yourselves before or after sessions, or at the Memoria Press booth.


    I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for the detailed information. Kate and I, if not the whole family, will have to come say hello.

    Catholic mom to five
    Ds '01 - College freshman: Thomas Aquinas College
    Ds '03 - 10th grade: MPOA Algebra 2, and a bunch of other stuff
    Ds '06 - 8th: MP Tiner science (chemistry, physics, and astronomy), 8M lit, 8M Exploring Planet Earth, ancient history, OLVS 8 Catechism
    Dd '10 (Down syndrome) - JrK with little brother and BOB books
    Ds '15 - JrK with big sister