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Beyond Level 1 - for Students with Higher Skills

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    Beyond Level 1 - for Students with Higher Skills

    As you contemplate the upcoming school year, especially with students whose academic skills place them beyond the current Simply Classical Curriculum levels, feel free to "mix and match" Memoria Press resources. With all of the teaching resources now available, options abound!

    Over the weekend, we received the attached photo of Adam, a young boy with autism, OCD, sensory issues, attention difficulties, and impulsivity. [I hope you can see this photo! If you cannot, let me know.]

    One of three boys, Adam cannot manage the pace or quantity his older brothers achieved through Memoria Press. However, with the strategies and encouragement his homeschooling parents received from the book Simply Classical, Adam tackles quite a bit.

    Consider this:

    If a child cannot accommodate the amount or depth of knowledge of most children, it is not less, but more important, that what he learns be of the highest quality.
    Martin Cothran in his review of Simply Classical

    Over time, Adam meticulously copied his Greek alphabet until he mastered the characters. Now he studies Elementary Greek. Adam's brothers studied Greek. Taking lessons at a slow-but-steady pace, Adam is receiving an excellent classical education too. See these resources: Greek Alphabet and Greek Desk Chart.

    Adam writes in his My Thankfulness Journal, pictured, to combat feelings of discouragement (and to practice his penmanship!).

    The end-of-year project required 12 weeks of concentrated writing in small portions. This young man's face reflects the joy of accomplishment.


    Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

    Memoria Press Resources - sequential, adaptable, beautiful

    Simply Classical Curriculum - four levels currently available - more SC resources to come!
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    Go Adam!!!! Well done!

    And thank you for the reminder as we SC-ers wait for more Levels. I anticipate we will outpace you all by this time next year. Winston started out slowly, but has caught on so quickly, we are making GREAT TIME. And his little sister starts what I anticipate will be a hybrid of Levels B and C (she straddles the readiness lines for both) the Fall. If all goes as well as it has with her big brother, we should be well on our way to "mainstreaming" into the standard MP curriculum. We will just have to wait and see.
    Boy Wonder: 12, Seton and MP Electives (Special Needs)
    Joy Bubble: 10, Seton and MP Electives (Special Needs)
    Snuggly Cowboy: 8, Seton and MP Electives
    The Comedian: 4, Seton/MP Pre-K, though she’ll probably zoom through that in a week.

    “Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence.”
    ~Pope St John Paul II