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New Audio Recordings

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    New Audio Recordings

    You can now obtain any of five different audio sessions through a single link.

    Important note: While the two "Why Classical Education" sessions have slightly different titles, these are essentially the same talk. Select only ONE of these to avoid duplication.

    Some of these audio recordings occurred at the November event for parents whose children have special needs. Others occurred just this weekend at the much larger conference for all homeschoolers!

    These were my first Florida conferences. What a delightful getaway both times. (Imagine sunshine, palm trees, and a Florida breeze, as you listen!)


    Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
    Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., with foreword by Dr. Gene Edward Veith

    Cheryl, will you be giving the same talks at the GHC in Ontario next month? If so, I don't want to ruin them by listening ahead of time.

    Catholic mom to five
    Ds '01 - College freshman: Thomas Aquinas College
    Ds '03 - 10th grade: MPOA Algebra 2, and a bunch of other stuff
    Ds '06 - 8th: MP Tiner science (chemistry, physics, and astronomy), 8M lit, 8M Exploring Planet Earth, ancient history, OLVS 8 Catechism
    Dd '10 (Down syndrome) - JrK with little brother and BOB books
    Ds '15 - JrK with big sister


      Good thinking! According to the latest GHC posting, any of these three would be "safe" for you to download (i.e., not scheduled for June GHC in California):

      Helen Keller Knew Latin

      Soften Hearts: Nurturing Empathy in the Challenged Child

      Find the "Sweet Spot" of Learning: Evaluating and Teaching the Challenged Child

      Just fyi, at GHC in California, they scheduled me for these sessions:

      What Good are Labels? Understanding Your Child's Learning Problems (co-presenting with my friend Kathy Kuhl)
      Why Classical Education for Special Needs? -- You Can Do This!
      Classical Christian Education: Simply Defined

      I'll create a separate thread with more GHC information.

      See you soon!

      Simply Classical - the book

      Simply Classical - the curriculum