If you have not already found "Joey's World," you might appreciate their support for homeschooling special-needs children. With consultation, legal help, techniques, and more, this HSLDA group assists many families.

But what about those who wish to bring a classical Christian education to special-needs children? Does HSLDA include us?

We can now answer, "Yes!"

This is important, because teaching such children is truly an art and a labor of love, not simply a collection of techniques.

Faith Berens recently requested an article on this topic, Krisa Winn polished my thoughts for their Joey's World newsletter, and my poetic daughter Michelle contributed her own words:


With sparks of joy in our eyes,
And embers in our heart
We continue this journey
Of love and great art.

—Michelle Lynn Swope

To explore the HSLDA resource for your own family, you can find everyone's combined efforts in the article here.


Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child