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re: Rod & Staff math?

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    re: Rod & Staff math?

    I've tried to do another math program but my son who is very anxious does not like it. He gets frustrated b/c he says some of it is not in order (?). I found out the company has changed some of it based on common core (we are on 1st grade level and about ready for 2nd grade level). Can you describe Rod & Staff and why it might work for him if at all? What are pluses to it? I'm about ready to throw out the other and try it if it is going some of math-time stress...

    Heather Brandt

    Hi, Heather.

    Maybe we can ease your math-time stress!

    For a good conversation on this topic, see this K-8 Forum R&S discussion.

    A quick summary:
    Why R&S Math?
    • Eases frustration
    • Presents material in an orderly, uncluttered manner (without color, without visual distractions)
    • Provides repetition and practice
    • Demonstrates to the child to the predictable nature of arithmetic
    • Promotes mastery before introducing new skills
    • Offers tips in the teacher's guide (e.g., �watch for these common mistakes...�)
    • Gives oral drills in the teacher's guide
    • Ensures math competence over time
    • Provides peace of mind and relief from curriculum-hopping!

    A calm, orderly, predictable approach seems especially well-suited to a child who becomes easily anxious with random, fragmented, or unpredictable instruction. Perhaps other families here can offer additional thoughts.

    Btw, I appreciated meeting you at the MP conference this summer! I feel like I "know" your children now.


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      re: Rod & Staff math?

      Thank you, Cheryl! Yes, I also enjoyed meeting you this summer & sharing more about my children. I appreciate your quick reply