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Books in Level A

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    Books in Level A

    Are there lists available of the books from Level A and Level B that includes the authors? I was interested in knowing what author wrote "Prayers for Children" and the other prayer books.

    Prayers for children, specifically, usually has the author listed beneath each individual prayer/poem. Some say anonymous. Some don't list an author.


      I thought that "Prayers for Children" was a book. It appears to be a book in the picture of the Jr. Kindergarten curriculum. My question is in regard to the book listed in the Special Needs Level A.

      I also was looking for the authors of the books in Special Needs Level B, such as the author of "Prayer for a Child."


        Originally posted by thenightbeforechristmas View Post
        Are there lists available of the books from Level A and Level B that includes the authors? I was interested in knowing what author wrote "Prayers for Children" and the other prayer books.

        We worked hard to select books faithful to the historic Christian tradition without delving into any single denominational teaching. Our homeschooling families and our Christian schools include Lutheran, Anglican, Reformed, Roman Catholic, and many more. We hope that all of our Level A, B, and C books reflect traditional, poetic prayers most will find acceptable and edifying.

        Two prominent prayer books include Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field and the Little Golden Book Classic, Prayers for Children, illustrated by Eloise Wilken. As CelticaDea mentioned, Prayers for Children includes various authors. We did not include every selection in the lesson plans, so mothers/teachers may substitute another prayer from the book or from their own tradition, if needed. See below for some examples of prayers from this book.

        A morning prayer finds an earnest, chubby-cheeked little girl on her knees with folded hands, her strawberry-red overall strap slipping off her shoulder, as she lifts her eyes in the morning:

        I Thank Thee, Lord

        I thank Thee, Lord, for quiet rest,
        And for Thy care of me;
        O let me through this day be blest
        And kept from harm by Thee.

        -Mary L. Duncan

        Another is an evening prayer with a pajama-clad boy kneeling on his bed, head bowed onto his hands, with his stuffed teddy bear nearby:

        Good-Night Prayer

        Father, unto Thee I pray;
        Thou hast guarded me all day;
        Safe I am while in Thy sight,
        Safely let me sleep tonight.

        -Henry Johnstone

        In each special-needs package, we echo themes from Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child. One important and recurring theme is that the child possesses God-given abilities to serve others, if only in small ways, in spite of his own challenges.

        From Prayers for Children:

        "God, make my life a little staff
        Whereon the weak may rest,
        And so what health and strength I have
        May serve my neighbors best."

        -M. Bethan-Edwards

        Does this help?


        Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child


          Prayers for Children is a book. It is a compilation of short prayers by a variety of authors, however the illustrator is Eloise Wilkin whose easily recognizable drawings of her own grandchildren have graced the covers of numerous Little Golden Books.

          There is a list of all the books for levels A, B, and C on page 4 in the "Simply Classical" magazine. That would be the fastest way to get the list assuming you have a copy at home. Otherwise I can get that list for you when I am in the office tomorrow.

          Michelle T


            Oops! The magazine is "The Classical Teacher" that has the list on page 4.

            Sorry for the confusion.
            Michelle T


              There's also a list with ISBN's in this thread:

              if it doesn't get you to the right page (it's a super long thread), go to page 9.


                Thanks, Michelle & CelticaDea. Yes, the Classical Teacher magazine features Levels A, B, and C on page 4 of the recent issue.

                The A, B, C book list is here, recently posted in another thread. Find even more information about each level here.

                Perhaps we can share this book list as a permanent link to our Struggling Student forum ... when Tanya recovers from hosting the exceptional 5th annual Memoria Press conference!