We recently returned from the Southeast GHC convention in Greenville, South Carolina. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with devoted customers, members of the Memoria Press family including our own "Blessed Jess" and her husband!

The last day of the convention, someone new came to the Memoria Press booth and told me she wished she would have attended my GHC Greenville sessions, but she did not know I spoke on classical education with special needs!

Just as we teach our children to learn from their mistakes, so we learn too. We now have "new and improved" sessions, titles, and descriptions for the 2014 Midwest Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, April 24-26. These new titles & descriptions reflect more accurately the content and purpose of each session. Organizers intend to change the schedule. In the meantime, I'll post the new sessions here.

Please tell your friends and homeschool co-ops; share on FB, Pinterest, blogs, etc. These sessions are unique in the "homeschool world," because we share the unique message that a classical Christian education offers benefits to any child. This is the message all of you on this forum understand so well.

If you attend, please introduce yourself. We will have plenty of time to talk after each session and at the Memoria Press booth. Martin Cothran will be speaking, as will many others in classical education.

My 4 new sessions for Cincinnati:

GHC Sessions 2014

Session 1

Why Classical Education for Special Needs? - You CAN Do This!

Consider 3 children with special needs, case studies

Learn modifications for your own child

Receive lists of resources

Enjoy Q&A

Is classical education only for "smart kids?" Only for the highly verbal? Discover the argument of an education with benefits that might surprise you. Author of Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child, Cheryl Swope is homeschooling mother to adopted special-needs twins with autism, language disorder, learning disabilities, mental illness, and attention difficulties. The love of history, music, literature, and Latin instilled in her own children created a desire in Cheryl to share the message that a classical Christian education offers benefits to any child. Bring your questions. Learn about new special-needs classical resources for your own children.

Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

Session 2

Classical Christian Education - Simply Defined

Receive a simple but thorough definition

Listen to a refreshing perspective for all children, including those with special needs

Renew your educational purpose

Learn what is so humanizing about a liberal arts education

Whether your children are gifted, average, special-needs, or somewhere in between, hear why a formative education in the liberal arts is the humanizing education of our heritage. Discover how this tradition beautifully impacts your selection of curriculum, books, and even leisure activities. Learn how Two Canons and Two Kingdoms each converge for one purpose: the life of your children, both temporally and eternally. Receive an hour of instruction and encouragement with Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., author of Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child.

Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

Session 3

Helen Keller Knew Latin -- Give Your Special-Needs Child a Classical Education

Regain confidence to teach your own child (even with learning difficulties, ADD, Down Syndrome, autism, mental illness...)

Learn strategies to modify classical education resources

Appreciate a spiritual context for bringing truth, goodness, and beauty to any child

Learn how a classical Christian education can help your special-needs child. Hear the story of Cheryl Swope's adopted special-needs twins, classically homeschooled from infancy through high school. Discover heartbreaking challenges that continued to unfold over the years, and learn how a classical education lifted these children beyond their circumstances. Receive strategies, resources, and encouragement for the essential task of leading your children -- no matter their gifts or challenges -- to a life of service and a love of learning.

Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

Session 4

Evaluating and Teaching Your Challenged Child

Do you need ideas for evaluating your child's abilities at home?

Are you ready for new teaching strategies for your child?

Have you considered formal evaluation(s) for your child?

Would you like help preparing for the process?

Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., earned a master's degree and bachelor's degree in special education and holds a lifetime K-12 state certification in learning disabilities and behavior disorders. She and her husband have homeschooled her 19-year-old twins from their infancy. Spend an hour of discovery into a different and inspiring approach to navigating the complex world of disabilities. Learn simple techniques to help evaluate and teach at your child's own instructional level. Bring questions. We will allow plenty of time for Q&A.

Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

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