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Need some help!!!

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    Need some help!!!

    My daughter age 9 will be 10 in May....She has had some medical problems and missed alot of school always keeping straight A in public school with lots of help from jome. I pulled her out of school at the begining of 3rd grade. She has always had trouble with math we have done kumon in the past didn't help. She has ADHD. Was so born at 30 weeks. We just recently did some testing at Lindamood Bell her test results were as follows

    as far as reading she was able to read the passages up to a college level but u able to answer questions. They p it reading level grade 9.

    comprehension, vocabulary, and math were around 2nd grade level.

    I have re taught math and started over several time and she still can't master her addition and subtration facts at an automatically

    they suggested the visualizing and verbaliIng program for 6 to 7 week s I can't afford the entire time we are going to do 3 weeks and finish at home it is $6000 for 3 weeks.

    So long story short we tried Classical Conversation at the begining of the year and it seed to overwhelm her all the memory work plus essentials and her other subjects as well.

    my question would be what curriculum should I use with her she is currently doing 4th grade level in everything but math. However should I start back with 3rd grade this coming year because that is the level she is comprehending at?

    I have so much curriculum right now and this is one ly our 2nd year homeachooling.

    I have all the CC stuff I EL Story of the World.
    But currently we are using
    easy grammar 4
    a beta history 4
    iew A
    reading wise she was reading some little house books and doing study guides and working I. A comprehension work book
    apologia astronomy earlier I. The year tried monarch science 4 see hated that.
    math u see beta

    any help would be wonderful.

    Welcome, Brandi.

    You have admirably expended great effort and expense on your daughter's behalf. However, I am quite sure we can help you for less than $6,000!

    To summarize, your nearly 10yo daughter with ADHD and medical conditions recently tested at approximately at these levels:

    Reading/Decoding 9th grade
    Reading Comprehension 2nd
    Vocabulary 2nd
    Math 2nd (does not yet know +/- facts)

    Yet she is currently placed in 4th-grade materials. The key question: how is she performing in these materials?

    Standardized grade-level equivalents can be deceiving. If she is doing well in the materials you have, there is no need to move lower.

    Have her paraphrase something she reads from the books you are using. Is she comprehending what she reads with you? Check her written work. Does she consistently achieve 80% accuracy or higher without help? Testing results alone would not be a reason to change materials.

    I could not discern her performance from your post, but if YOU can tell that she is not comprehending, then you will want to move lower.

    Given her medical conditions and ADHD with likely distractibility and difficulties concentrating for long periods of time, materials above her instructional level will only prove frustrating over time.

    As for this ...

    "I have so much curriculum right now, and this is only our 2nd year homeschooling,"

    ... join the group of nearly all homeschoolers who have felt this way!

    A homeschooling friend in my town has 5 children with the oldest 18, so you can imagine how mistakes multiplied over the years. Last year she contacted all of us and had her own dining room sale. The only problem - we already had closets and bookshelves of our own mistakes!

    You might want to participate in a used-curriculum fair, donate the books (perhaps to a church library), or take books to a consignment shop. Our family has done all of these in the past.

    So many catalogs, so many choices. With special-needs children, failed experiments multiply easily.

    If you do not need to recover the costs immediately, you might want to save what you have. The books might be useful to you in the future, if only as supplements.

    At least you purchased some materials above her level, not below. Perhaps she will grow into them!

    Right now I think you would agree that your daughter just needs to solidify her foundations: understanding what she reads, boosting her arithmetic skills including knowledge of math facts, and gaining a stronger vocabulary. You did not mention writing, but learning to create good sentences will also be important at this level.

    If you know she needs to move to a lower-level curriculum, and if you want to consider yet another publisher, Memoria Press offers a uniquely all-in-one classical curriculum for these skills. This might end all of the experimenting. Mrs. Lowe believes strongly in teaching the essential and foundational learning skills. Memoria Press does this very well.

    A note - Memoria Press levels might seem advanced when compared against other homeschool curricula, so you might even consider the 2nd-grade level for your daughter. Success is so critical right now, before either you or your daughter grows completely discouraged.

    The good news is this: if your daughter can already decode as a 9th-grader would, her ability to read will help her in every subject area.

    If you think you might be interested in a single adaptable curriculum, you can view samples of the Memoria Press classical core curriculum packages.

    If you would like to clarify or provide additional information, feel free to follow up here.

    If you need some inspiration, encouragement, or strategies for adapting materials, consider reading Simply Classical, if you have not already done so.

    Your daughter is still quite young, and you are clearly very dedicated. You can do this.


    Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
    Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., with Foreword by Dr.Gene Edward Veith


      Yes, what I was co side ring was going to the 2nd grade core curriculum with memoria press. I will contuine with memoria press for the rest of the years so there won't be any gaps. I would like the start to not be to frustrating for her because sbe thinks she should be able to look at or read it one time and know it. She has already read some of the books but it may help her in the long run to do it again slower. She did do Latin last year in a co-op when we lived in Kentucky but we are now in Alabama. She liked Latin but don't think she remembers much of it. I just got Simply Classical I the mail today.