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Cincinnati, Louisville, & More

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    Cincinnati, Louisville, & More

    The Great Homeschool Conventions just posted the Cincinnati schedule for April:

    Note the encouraging trend, as organizers respond to attendees' requests for more classical education sessions.

    GHC Cincinnati sessions:

    How to Win Friends And Influence People The Right Way: Why And How To Teach Rhetoric
    Les Miserables Vs. Shrek: What Traditional Stories Do That Modern Ones Don't
    What Education Is For: The Two Basic Goals of Education
    Common Core & The War Against Knowledge

    Introducing the book Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
    Classical Christian Education, Simply Defined
    Clear and Compelling The (Surprisingly Strong) Case For Classical Education For Any Child
    Evaluating And Teaching The Challenged Child

    REYNOLDS, PERRIN, COTHRAN, KERN Panel � Classical Education Unplugged

    Teaching From A State Of Rest

    The Recovery Of Memory � Before We Have Forgot That We Have Forgotten
    Putting Schole Back into School and Homeschool: Finding Restful Education in a Frenetic World

    The Joy of Classical Education: An Introduction to Classical Education at Home
    The Well-Prepared Student (Middle School/Logic Stage): How to Get Ready for the High School Year
    Burning Out: Why It Happens And What To Do About It
    What Is History? How and Why Should I Teach It

    You Are What You Listen To
    How Literature Springs Into Music
    The Roots of Christian Music

    If you attend, please introduce yourself at the Memoria Press booth! I would love to meet members and guests of our Struggling Student forum, especially if you homeschool a special-needs or struggling child.

    This summer, July 30-Aug 1, consider the more intimate setting of the Memoria Press summer conference in Louisville. I hope you can come. In Louisville, you'll hear Martin Cothran, Cheryl Lowe, Andrew Pudewa, and more, Enjoy learning to use your favorite Memoria Press resources from experienced and motivating Highlands Latin School teachers. We even have a special-needs track this year! We'll spend a day in a model special-needs classroom for school or home. We will also offer special-needs workshops and problem-solving sessions. Enjoy meals together, conversations during breaks, and plenty of time for your own questions.

    Special-Needs Track:
    Last year, our small workshops about special-needs children served and encouraged all of us. We shared stories, dilemmas, and strategies together. And this year, we will be rolling out our new Simply Classical Core Curriculum packages for special-needs Preschool, Jr. Kindergarten, and Kindergarten. Be among the first to see it!


    Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
    Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., with Foreword by Dr. Gene Edward Veith

    Helping you bring Classical Christian Education to any child