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    Unique Review

    "Solagratiamom" Colleen offers a uniquely in-depth, chapter-by-chapter review of Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child.

    She concludes today with this summary:

    "What I longed for as a Mother to a child with exceptional needs when he was young and I was just starting out, was a plan. Simply Classical is just that. It offers a plan for how to utilize a classical education for any child with special needs.

    Mrs. Swope has walked down the road ahead and provides guidance, advice, wisdom and direction to those endeavoring to give their child more.

    It offers hope through her transparency, as she shares how challenging her own adopted children were with their multiple diagnoses - ranging from Schizophrenia to autism to cerebral palsy. You can clearly see that she accomplished what seems so out of reach for families with special needs - a beautiful education for her children. The outcome is nothing short of miraculous and yet it's so attainable for those who read along. She gives schedules, resources, examples and honestly sets the tone for what the pace and expectations are for these children.

    She makes a great case for why classical education, including the instruction in Latin for special needs children, is a way to organize and reorder the brain and bring language into grasp for those who struggle so mightily. She debunks modern educational approaches (progressive education) for these children and she should know - a [master degree'd Special Educator], she has seen the affects on these children.

    What is most beautiful about this book for me, is that she sees children with special needs as worthy of teaching beyond the daily living/functional skills that school systems across the country and parents have willingly accepted as the best model for educating them - never endeavoring to reach for the beautiful but rather the functional.

    I think if you want your child to reach their full God given potential - then this is the book to reach for to begin that journey towards a beautiful education for your exceptional child."