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South Carolina, Louisville, & more

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    South Carolina, Louisville, & more

    If you live near or in South Carolina, consider attending this year's Great Homeschool Convention March 20-22, 2014. Spring break??

    GHC will feature several noted classical education speakers. Martin Cothran will lead a session entitled "Common Core: The War Against Knowledge." Martin is also scheduled to appear in "Classical Education Unplugged," an intriguing panel discussion with Dr. Christopher Perrin and Andrew Kern.

    GHC is keeping me busy in South Carolina too. Join me for these sessions:

    --Introducing ... Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

    --Classical Christian Education: Simply Defined

    --Clear & Compelling: The (Surprisingly Strong) Case for Classical Education with Any Child

    If the full schedule remains as is, I'll be available for discussions and book signings at the Memoria Press booth Friday and Saturday afternoons. If you attend the sessions or visit the Memoria Press exhibit, please introduce yourself.

    GHC will offer similar sessions in April in Cincinnati, Ohio. We can post the schedule when it becomes available.

    And for a solidly classical event this summer, save July 30-August 1 for the Memoria Press summer conference in Louisville. Note the extensive pre-conference offerings this year with Andrew Pudewa and more. Andrew has enjoyed great success with struggling writers through his respected writing programs.

    At the Memoria Press summer conference in Louisville, we will offer special sessions for teaching special-needs children. The smaller venue allows for many private conversations and problem-solving for your own situation. We also plan to roll out the early levels of our new special-needs classical curriculum!

    I hope many of you can attend this year. Keep watching for more details.


    Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
    Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., with Foreword by Dr. Gene Edward Veith


    My husband and I will be attending the Greenville conference! I just saw the schedule a few days ago and quickly emailed him: "The conference is going to be a classical powerhouse!" I plan to attend as many of your sessions as possible and look forward to meeting you. I'm not sure how to contain my excitement during a Cothran, Kern, Perrin panel! Oh, how I wish more people knew how beautiful and rich this journey called homeschooling can be. Maybe I will send my brother recordings of these seminars so he will finally "get it."

    Thank you for all that you do in helping to make classical education something tangible for any household.