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Thoughts about the Book Simply Classical ...

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    Thoughts about the Book Simply Classical ...

    If you have been wondering about the book or enjoy reading the thoughts of educational leaders & moms of special-needs students, please find generous insights and explanations below. We received the review from the CiRCE Institute just a few days ago.

    Martin Cothran, Editor of The Classical Teacher; Author of Traditional Logic I and II, Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle.

    ◾Cheryl Swope ostensibly writes about special education, but she also makes one of the clearest and most compelling cases for classical education in print. All children, including academically-challenged students, are human beings, and they deserve an education commensurate with that fact. While current special education doctrine favors compromising on content, Cheryl proposes only to moderate its measure. If a child cannot accommodate the amount or depth of knowledge of most children, it is not less, but more important that what they learn be of the highest quality. She implicitly understands St. Thomas Aquinas' principle that the slightest knowledge of the greatest things is greater than the greatest knowledge of the slightest things.

    For more information or to order Simply Classical:

    Brian Philips of the CiRCE Institute

    ◾“Some parents and educators have the misconception that classical education is only for ‘smart kids.’” These are the opening words from Cheryl Swope’s recently published book Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child, in which she tells the story of classically teaching her daughter, Michelle who was diagnosed with both autism and schizophrenia, among other disabilities, early in life.

    Swope’s inspiring book offers tremendous encouragement to struggling parents, specific adjustments that can be made for special needs children, and true stories of those who have been where so many parents now are. Additionally, the book’s appendices are quite helpful - lists of additional resources, references, suggested readings, and more.

    This book fills a great void in the world of Christian classical education and would be an important read, not only to the parents of special needs children, but to headmasters, board members, and day school teachers as well.

    Rev. J. Bart Day, Executive Director of National Mission, The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

    ◾Cheryl Swope’s new book is perhaps the best story of classical education ever written. This book will take classical education from the perceived ivory towers of academia into the real life of all people, especially those uniquely blessed with learning disabilities. Here is classical education at its very best, an education that nurtures each soul on purity, truth, and beauty: castitate, vertitate, et pulchritudine animam enutriens.

    Cheryl Lowe, author of Latina Christiana, First Form Latin, Classical Phonics; Highlands Latin School, Founder Memoria Press

    ◾"A classical education is like climbing a mountain, each child benefiting from whatever vistas he or she attains in that upward journey. Cheryl Swope shows us that the special-needs child needs and benefits from the uplifting vision of a classical education as much if not more than those without learning challenges. Simply Classical gives encouragement and real help for all parents who do not want to settle for second best for their special-needs child. In doing so she has advanced the cause of classical Christian education by confounding its critics who claim it is only for the elite."

    For more information or to order Simply Classical:

    The Rev. Stephen W. Kieser, President, The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education,

    ◾Cheryl Swope has woven together a tapestry of personal narrative; an apologetic for classical Christian education and home schooling; and resources for anyone wishing to pursue the trivium with the simplest and most challenged children. Cheryl understands the nature of fallen humanity, Christ’s accomplished plan of saving mankind, and the beautiful service an education saturated in Christian catechesis and the liberal arts has on any child. She carefully articulates what is lacking in progressive education and asserts an education that pursues what is the true, the good, and the beautiful. Her book is a timely contribution to those pursuing home education as well as formal education with children who have special learning needs.

    Dr. E. Christian Kopff University of Colorado, Boulder; Author of The Devil Knows Latin: Why America Needs the Classical Tradition

    ◾Cheryl Swope’s Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child gives a clear and practical introduction to Classical Christian education and its significance for children with physical and cognitive disabilities from Helen Keller to her own daughter, Michelle. The reader will be excited by the ideas and deeply moved by her story.

    Kathryn Green, President, Southeast Missouri NAMI – National Alliance for the Mentally Ill,

    ◾The theory of classical education is that children become educated and responsible adults who improve their lives and the world around them. Cheryl Swope’s Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child is a well-written, well-researched book which reminds readers that all children deserve a valuable education, even those with special needs. This wonderful work instructs parents and educators, so children who receive a classical education can be surrounded with daily opportunities to learn, even as they remember that the greatest gift they can give is to serve those around them.

    Joanna Hensley, Latin Teacher, Online Classical Educator, Homeschooling Mother of a Special-Needs Child

    ◾As a classical educator, I have seen what classical education can do for my students; however, as a mother of a special-needs child, I was initially unsure whether this education was right for my own son. Cheryl Swope has convinced me that classical education truly is a beautiful education for every child. This book is a treasury of inspirational stories and practical advice. I am already seeing her ideas bear fruit in our home.

    Joy Pullmann, Managing editor, School Reform News Education, Research fellow, Heartland Institute

    ◾This book is now my favorite introduction to classical education because it demonstrates how teaching children to love God -- and the world He has made -- is appropriate for children of all abilities. Many people believe classical education is stuffy or elitist; while it is perhaps the highest-quality style of education history has passed forward, this does not mean it's fit only for mini Mozarts. On the contrary, as Cheryl Swope clearly and endearingly portrays, classical education is best suited for children, because it is best suited for humans -- in all our weaknesses, glories, sins, and strengths. Swope and her family show you why and how.

    Iris Hatfield, Author, New American Cursive Penmanship Program

    ◾Cheryl Swope's Simply Classical is inspiring, touching, delightful, well-written, useful, and very informative. It is a book you will not only enjoy reading but will want to keep for all the special needs resources in the back of the book. It will inspire and give hope to parents and teachers of any child.

    For more information or to order Simply Classical:

    Susan, homeschooling mom

    ◾"This is the best book I have ever read on homeschooling a special needs child. I have two such children and the tips and suggestions for curriculum are wonderful. I felt as if a dear friend took me by hand, sat down to tea with me and let me know that yes I can do this. She has given me hope for my children's education. Thank you thank you!"

    Midwest Book Review; July, 2013,

    ◾In recent decades there has been an unfortunate and growing trend away from offering a classical education to students in favor of more specialized and job/career oriented curricula in our public school systems. We see it today in our economically distressed school districts abandoning music, art, and literature classes and programs as cost cutting measures. That's one of the reasons why Cheryl Swope's Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child is such a timely and necessary book to aid both parents and teachers in the justification and implementation of a classical education for today's students.

    This informed and informative 277 page compendium deftly presents a definition of what a classical (and classical Christian) education consists of. Of special note is the commentary on adapting a classical education to special needs students. Enhanced with illustrative true stories and four appendices offering: Organizations and Resources; Legislation for Special-Needs Studies; Recommended Reading in Classical Education; and To Obtain Suggested Resources, Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child is highly recommended and thoroughly 'user friendly' reading for parents and teachers, as well as an important addition to school, academic, and community library Educational Studies reference collections.

    From the publisher:

    ♦ Increase your child's academic success

    ♦ Restore your child's love of learning

    ♦ Regain confidence to teach any child

    ♦ Renew your vision of hope for your special-needs child

    ♦ Receive help navigating the daunting process of receiving a diagnosis

    ♦ Learn how to modify existing resources for your child's needs

    ♦ Find simple strategies any parent or teacher can implement immediately

    ♦ Appreciate a spiritual context for bringing truth, goodness, and beauty to any child

    For more information or to order Simply Classical:

    Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

    Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., with Foreword by Dr. Gene Edward Veith