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    This Week

    Just a heads up for this week --

    I'll be attending a classical education conference all week in Indiana, so if questions or topics arise and I am slow to answer, this is why. I'll try to look at the forum most evenings, but if I miss something, I know you will all take good care of each other!

    A quick note for those who appreciate the uniquely delightful ways our children's minds sometimes work:

    This afternoon my daughter helped me finish packing, as her assistance has become our special "girl-time" before I leave. Today she added an earnest recommendation. Before we carried the bags downstairs, Michelle offered to give me curtseying lessons. A lover of "rules" and etiquette, she was quite certain I needed to brush up on this skill for the week's festivities.


    Pictures needed

    Hi Cheryl,
    I really hope you are going to have pictures taken of yourself at the conference using your curtsey skills. I know anyone would be happy to snap a quick shot of you curtseying and perhaps a gentleman bowing. I just think Michelle would get a kick out of it. Here's your mother curtseying at the hotel, and here she is curtseying with this speaker, etc... You'll be like Michelle's curtseying Flat Stanley.

    dd 16, ds 13, ds 10, ds 8, dd 6, ds 4, dd 14 mos.


      I love it, Jude, and I agree. She would probably love to see you putting those lessons into practice. Have fun at the conference!
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        Thank you for this, ladies. Although I have no actual photos of curtseying, your posts made me smile in the hotel room that evening!


        When grading the pile of work I assigned my daughter Michelle while I was away at the classical Christian education conference last week, I just uncovered a little gem of an answer. Her response to a question from the Memoria Press study guide, Poetry for the Grammar School, about a poem by the Greek of Anacreon, "The Grasshopper":

        Would you prefer a life like the grasshopper's? Why or why not?

        "I would if it'd get me away from certain things. But we are what we are, and must learn to accept and bear them. 'Tis the way of the cross. To live and learn, to serve where you are able...."


        Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
        Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., with Foreword by Dr. Gene Edward Veith