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Questions before ordering

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    Questions before ordering

    I am planning on ordering the grade 2 package for my low IQ girls. I am wondering if I should do this or order some of the suggested resources from Simply Classical. It would be great to have all the lesson plans ready to go, but can my girls accomplish this? Has anyone here ever done a full plan with special need kids. Also, does Prima Latina contain enough grammar so that another grammar program is not needed. sorry for all the questions. I so appreciate all the help I have been given so far. susan

    same boat

    Dear Susan,
    I have only used MP full curriculum packages with my neuro-typical children. I'm going to "put out into the deep" and give the 2nd grade package a try with Finn. He is 13, and his IQ is around 70 with severe receptive and expressive language delays. I have been focusing heavily on sacrament preparation the last several months and adding in Aesop's Fables, poetry, copywork, vocabulary, and math. For the summer I am also trying to go through the read-alouds from kindergarten and first grade with him. He is VERY visual, and has never particularly enjoyed being read to, but does seem to absorb some of what he hears.


      Hi, Susan.

      Which way are you leaning? Would you like to try the curriculum packages, or do you enjoy designing your own program?

      If you would prefer the prepared lesson plans, you could order the curriculum package as a trial this year, as Jude is planning to do with Finn. If this works for you, this could be much easier and more cohesive. If you order the curriculum package, a few suggestions:

      1. Realize that you might not be able to accomplish everything included in the lessons, such as every suggested enrichment activity. This will reduce the pressure for you and your girls.
      2. When you receive the materials, highlight the content areas you especially want to cover. Plan to focus on these. Enjoy the rest more informally.
      3. Look through the lesson plans to see where English grammar (e.g., parts of speech, capitalization rules, and sentence construction), is already addressed.
      4. Examine Prima Latina. See where Prima Latina offers instruction in English grammar.
      5. After #3 and #4, if you would still like to provide more formal teaching of English grammar, you could consider English Grammar for the Grammar Stage.

      Does this sound like a reasonable plan?



        Questions about ordering

        Cheryl, I just don't have the time to plan my own. I would like to order the grade level kit, but wonder if it would work. I do like your suggestions. Is English for the Grammar stage a curriculum? Thanks for the suggestions. I am drawn to the simplicity of MP. Susan



          If you're leaning toward the prepared lesson plans and all-in-one program, then the curriculum package (with earlier suggestions) sounds perfect! Yes, I appreciate the simplicity of Memoria Press materials too. This is why Rod & Staff Math is consistent with the rest of the program: a clear, concise, no-frills presentation of arithmetic with sequential mastery-focused skill progression and plenty of practice.

          Regarding additional formal grammar instruction, it appears that the suitable grammar resource would be this from Memoria Press: English Grammar Recitation Workbook One. This is the description:

          We've been saying for years that Latin teaches English grammar better than English teaches English grammar, and now we have written a course that makes the perfect English grammar supplement for your Latin program. English Grammar Recitation Workbook One is tied specifically to the grammar taught in Latina Christiana I, but it can be used successfully alongside any Latin program. Students will master (and be able to recite fluently) 31 grammar rules, 10 capitalization rules, and 15 punctuation rules.

          English Grammar Recitation teaches grammar through the recitation method, which works much like a catechism. Through repetition, students master about 30 grammar questions each year, for a total of about 150 grammar questions by the end of this course in five books. Students memorize the terminology and definitions of analytical grammar, much as they memorize forms in Latin.

          You could order this when you order your curriculum package. You could also wait until 1) you see how the 2nd-grade package works for you or even until 2) "3rd grade".

          A tip: For specific curriculum questions not related to special needs, hop over to the K-8 Curriculum Forum to post a question. You'll find very good answers to curriculum questions from both moderators and moms there. Our own Struggling Student Forum focuses directly and uniquely on special needs, so come back "home" to the SS Forum for applying curriculum and strategies for Grace and Julie.

          Does that help?

          It sounds to me as if you're ready. This could be a lovely change for all three of you -- your two daughters and yourself! Remember, too, that we're here on this forum all year long. If you start and need help, Jude will be doing exactly what you're doing. Others will be here too.