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Rod and Staff or Christian Light Math

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    Rod and Staff or Christian Light Math

    I am currently using Christian Light Math for my girls, but noticed MP uses Rod and Staff in the kits. Why does MP think this is so good? Should I switch? What are the best features of Rod and Staff Math? Susan


    Some good answers to this question can be found on the K-8 forum. Try this: click on your own Rod and Staff message on the Struggling Student Forum. Then scroll down to "Similar Threads." Read those discussions. After you read, you can even search threads that appear "similar" to those.

    You can also explore by "R&S math" in the forum's search boxes.

    In general, any given mathematics program will be inherently sequential in skill development, with the assumption that the student will complete all of the levels. If your girls are doing well with their current program, you might want to keep them in it. (Memoria Press will work with you to substitute your own math program, if you prefer to do this.) However, if you have been considering another math program anyway, or you would like the ease of ordering all in one place and having lessons plans coordinated with the Rod and Staff program, or if you are just curious, read through the existing posts. You'll find better answers there than I could give.

    After you read the discussions on Rod and Staff math, feel free to ask if you still have questions. If I cannot answer, one of the other moderators or others on this forum will be able to help.




      We like Rod & Staff for is mastery approach and uncluttered look. That can be elaborated on, but I'll let mothers who have used it do that for me by referring you to a couple older posts:

      Best facets of RS (second post)
      Testimonies of choosing RS over other math programs

      As for switching, I would ask you if your daughters are doing well with CL. If they aren't, then I would considering switching to see if it gets better.

      Paul Schaeffer
      Academy Director
      Memoria Press Online Academy