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Sample of Simply Classical ?

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    Sample of Simply Classical ?

    Will there be a sample of the Simply Classical book on the website? I am trying to determine if it would apply to our situation before I order. One of our sons has ADHD and social anxiety.


    Hi, Sheryl.

    We're working on it. Check back tomorrow, and it should be there!



      "... I am trying to determine if it would apply to our situation before I order. One of our sons has ADHD and social anxiety." Sheryl

      We are receiving questions about Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child.

      Will This Book Apply To My Situation?

      For Whom Was This Book Written?

      Who Will Benefit From this Book?

      The answer --

      This book was written for so many different individuals and groups:

      In the most heartfelt way – for parents of special-needs children, whether the needs are mild and common, or more severe and complex. This group includes those parents familiar with classical education who wonder whether their own children can benefit, and this includes those who have never heard of classical education but who want the best possible education for their children.

      Just as importantly – for those in any setting (classroom teachers, parents, pastors, headmasters, school administrators, special education teachers, tutors, and more) -- anyone who would appreciate a straightforward, accessible explanation of classical Christian education, its significance, and its implementation for any child, with or without special needs.

      With practical purposes – for anyone who already teaches special-needs children in a classical school or home school setting and needs encouragement, strategies, and inspiration to be even more effective

      To offer classical Christian education instead of some less appealing special education alternatives – for parents who wish to homeschool or supplement their special-needs child's education. This book explains why and how classical Christian education with benefit any child.

      To help with screening – for parents and teachers who wonder whether a specific student might need further assessment. This book provides navigation through both informal and formal testing.

      To support classical schools – for those classical schools who know they are not meeting the educational needs of some struggling students. Rather than ask such students not to return, classical schools can begin to bring classical education to these students at their own pace. The strategies and methods offer help for children integrated into classrooms or for those in a “school within a school,” in which classical schools offer a smaller classroom or two, perhaps K-3 and 4-8, for students who will continue to need a much slower pace overall. This book offers practical assistance and support for such endeavors.

      To inspire and encourage anyone already engaged in the excellent pursuit of bringing classical Christian education to any child.

      Thank you for your interest. I hope this helps--



        Thank you Tanya and Cheryl for your replies. Thank you Tanya for the sample, I just downloaded it.



          Simply Wonderful


          I am not the parent of a special-needs child, although since we haven't begun our homeschooling journey (my girls are 3 and 2.5) I am not yet aware of any learning styles, potential disabilities, and humbly speaking, we never know what the future may hold.

          I can't wait to read your book. As a former English teacher and a lifelong advocate of the liberal arts and what they can do for anyone, I think it is timely and courageous for you to write something that everyone hasn't "heard before." After I left teaching, I worked as an aide for a year during my pregnancy and one class period a day I helped with the significantly learning disabled class. This class was all-inclusive, and most of the seven children stayed in that room all day, even though they had various mental and physical disabilities. I watched as they plodded through sometimes preschool-level workbooks and did worksheet after worksheet, taking them up to the tired teacher (who sat at her desk for extended periods of time) and sighed with frustration as she whipped out her red pen and sent them away to make corrections they didn't know how to make.

          She was a nice woman. She had taught Special Education for many years. The school system is the one I went through myself, and it is considered to be "excellent" for our area. These sweet kids wanted to please so badly, and had a hunger for learning that was being snuffed out every day with boredom. What if we had done artist study? What if classical music had been playing in the background? What if they performed Shakespeare together and then did a scene for family and friends? What if they wrote poetry beyond what would be expected for their SOL portfolios? What if they read classic, beautiful children's literature to feed their minds and souls instead of cartoonish, mind-numbing books that someone deemed "easy enough" for them?

          Thank you for this tremendous effort with Simply Classical. I look forward to reading from your perspective as a mother, teacher, and academic. I hope this book blesses parents and teachers of all backgrounds, and I think it will.




            Dear Jessica,

            Thank you for this. The past few days have been especially busy, so I could not take the time to respond right away.

            However, as a former English teacher you know the power of words. Yours touched me.

            Perhaps it was because I was rather exhausted when I read your post, but your message brought tears to my eyes. (In a good way.)

            Very much appreciated.


            Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
            Cheryl Swope, M.Ed., with Foreword by Dr. Gene Edward Veith