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kindergarten readiness (long)

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    Dear Katie,

    Yes, many prayers for you!

    When health problems arise, the balance between our own urgent physical needs and our special-needs kids' intense, ongoing demands becomes very difficult to manage. I hope you will have some help.

    As both you and Ellie mentioned, homeschooling offers good flexibility for such times. Several years ago, I needed hip joint surgery and found that my children rose to the occasion in ways I never would have thought to intentionally push them. We learned that even Michelle could fold many items of laundry admirably, and Michael could prepare simple non-cook meals. If your girls understand, a title might help. Michelle became Domestic Assistant, complete with clipboard, and Michael thoroughly enjoyed being Chief Cook, but even "Mommy's Helper" would be a wonderful title and a way for them to serve, while you rest a little each day.

    Your academic plan sounds strong, regardless of the math program you select. Praying you will find answers and stabilization for the seizures very soon.

    Thanks for the update. Take good care of yourself.



      Originally posted by CelticaDea View Post
      I'm doing lots of contemplating trying to figure out how to manage all of this but right now we're taking a bit of time off. I'm planning/hoping to get back into our previous routine within the next week.


      How are things going for you now? Please update, if you have time.



        Hi Cheryl,
        I have been feeling much better. The effects of the concussion seem to be waning and the side effects from the medicine have mostly tapered off. At this point I just get really tired. We have no explanation for the cause and probably won't have one. My parents have come up since my husband is out of town for a couple months for Army stuff. In a couple weeks, they'll be taking us to their house for a month waiting for him to be back. We still haven't gotten back into a "school" routine but we have started to work on speech again, informally.

        I haven't decided if we'll start school while we're gone or wait til we get back (mid-late september). In the meantime I've been getting things organized so if I do take it with us, I'll know what to bring! We may start with just reading and handwriting and then add the rest when we get home. My dd seems to be convinced that school starts on her birthday (aug 13).....which happens to be the day before we take a 3 day drive to FL! I got a bunch of logic type games for the drive and will have lots of new crayons and markers and kid's books on tape so I guess that can count