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A Prayer

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    A Prayer

    Our new Struggling Student Forum embraces families with a child newly diagnosed with special needs, a struggling child with no formal diagnosis, a child who has suffered with special needs for many years, a mildly or severely challenged child, and the child somewhere in between.

    Sometimes educational strategies, no matter how helpful, fall short of addressing deeper issues.

    For such struggles, I hope this prayer brings some comfort:

    Lord Almighty God, Father of mercies, among other gifts of Your grace You have given me my children, and for such a blessing I heartily praise and magnify You.... But if it should please You to make my children a cross to me, either by their sickness, or death, or any other calamity that I might have to see them suffer, grant me patience in such affliction, and remind me that nothing happens without Your divine direction, that my children were Yours before they were mine, and that You have sovereign power to take them again to Yourself. But if it is Your design by the suffering, misfortune, or death of my children to draw me to You, in order that I may recognize also in them that Your visible gifts are perishable, to stir me up to love You alone, the true and perfect God, keep me while traveling this thorny path in firm confidence and hope in Your almighty power, which can end and mend all things, even the crosses of my children.... O God, hear my prayer, and remember that they are Your children as well as they are mine. Therefore, be pleased to hear my supplication on their behalf at the throne of Your grace.... Lord, have mercy! Amen.

    Starck's Prayer Book, St. Louis: CPH, 2009, pp. 170-171

    Thank you. I have one of those in-betweens: he (10yo) does just fine except reading. He has struggled so much, and is making [slow] progress. He has the best attitude and is my best helper. I'm trying to work on his weaknesses, but sometimes I forget to praise God for his many strengths.
    Self-educating focusing on Latin & good books. John 8:32
    Homeschooling: Jonathan (10), David (9), Andrew (7), and Anna (3)


      what a wonderful prayer. says all I'd like to say but don't have the words to express. thank you!



        This caught me by surprise and brought tears...I am copying it into my prayer notebook. Thanks so much.