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Do you want help teaching literature?

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    Do you want help teaching literature?

    We have openings in our Memoria Press Academy Literature courses for special needs this fall!

    Students with autism, language-based learning disabilities, and other challenges receive smaller class sizes, added activities from the teacher, and friendly classmates.

    You will partner with the teacher, but she does the "heavy lifting" of lesson planning, teaching, and engaging your student(s).
    • MPOA Lit 6 from SC 5&6 covers an in-depth study of Charlotte's Web and Mr. Popper's Penguins.
    • MPOA Lit 7 from SC 7&8 covers an in-depth study of My Side of the Mountain and The Moffats.

    "Thank you so much for creating these classes. My daughter learned so much this year! The pace was just right for her and the support of classmates and such a caring and enthusiastic teacher made for a great year. I also learned by watching, not just the content but things about teaching my daughter too! It was well worth every penny." -- Tiffany

    Learn more or enroll here --
    Special Needs Classes Education is about human flourishing, and as such must minister to all students. We are excited to announce classes specifically for special needs students at the Memoria Press Online Academy. These classes will have a lower class size and appropriate pacing for those students that need more time to master the material. [...]

    I wish G was open to online classes. I think he would like them, if he would give them a chance. We are doing Charlotte's Web and Penguins this fall anyway.
    The Older Boys:
    J- 6/96: (CAPD/mild ASD) working/living on his own
    S- 11/98: Jan. 2022- BYU-I accounting major

    The Middle Boys:
    G- 4/04 (mild ASD/mild intellectual delay)
    D- 5/05 (mild processing issues)

    The Princess:
    F- 7/08

    The Youngest Boy:
    M- 9/16


      Originally posted by Enigma View Post
      I wish G was open to online classes. I think he would like them, if he would give them a chance. We are doing Charlotte's Web and Penguins this fall anyway.
      Then this might be the year to try!