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Should I push recitation? Autism

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    Should I push recitation? Autism

    Hey everyone,

    I’m new to memoria press, and have been slowly working through pre k with my eldest, who is almost 5 and recently diagnosed with autism (level 2 I believe?).

    We started out on the right foot last fall, he was excited to start, and we had a great morning routine down. Then the holidays hit and we had our 4th baby in January and we’ve just been scraping by with recitation and flash cards and workbooks. He loves the flash cards, he does decently well with the workbooks, but the recitation is like pulling teeth. He would rattle off the recitation back in October, but now he will just say he doesn’t know, even though we go over it every day.

    I’m just so new to homeschooling and not sure how to help him with his diagnosis. He also has a language processing disorder and speech delay. I don’t know if I should fight to get him to do his recitation or just do crafts and workbooks with him.

    I would appreciate any advice you all had to offer,
    thank you so much

    G is ASD, as well. I would go over the recitation but not expect memorization at this point. Keep exposing him to it as it comes up in the plans and see what he joins in with.
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      Okay, thank you so much for the advice!


        Welcome, Littleway! Agreeing with Enigma: Recite together, rather than expecting him to recite solo. Then he will be hear this daily and become more likely to join in.

        You might say, "Let's recite," as an opening cue each day. Hint with your eyes and a hand motion that we will be saying this together. Give him a quick nod, smile, or look of affirmation as soon as he joins in. Create and keep a steady rhythm, as a chant, without interrupting to criticize. This can make the recitation become more like a game or song that he may begin to anticipate more favorably.

        Also consider moving to Simply Classical for next year, as we work on receptive (understood) and expressive (spoken) language more intentionally in the Simply Classical Curriculum. Our children with autism need this. We also modify recitations where needed. All of this is integrated into the Simply Classical lesson plans for you.
        Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child (Memoria Press) -- catalog, curriculum, book


          Thank you so much for your response,
          I will definitely give that a try, and hopefully he will have less of an aversion to it. I already purchased the kindergarten curriculum, but now I’m thinking I made the wrong choice. I have three other younger children, so I was also thinking of them using it as well. Is there a way to get the teachers manual for simply classical and adapt the mainstream curriculum?

          Thanks again


            You are welcome! Yes, you could obtain the Simply Classical Level 1 Curriculum Manual, as this will give you tips for teaching phonics/reading and math at the same level as your MP K program. At the front of the Curriculum Manual, you'll see more specific tips for improving language, fine-motor skills, social/attention, and more.

            If you add the Simply Classical Level 1 Curriculum Manual, you might also consider Myself & Others Book One Core Set w/Myself & Others Book One Read-Alouds. You can start this 14-week program immediately to carry you through the summer. No writing is required, so all of your children can join in! This can be taught alongside MP K (or SC 1).

            On a related note, you might appreciate this previous post: How To Improve Behavior, Attention, & Manners.
            Myself & Others Book One is an introduction to the basics in manners and brief lessons in social understanding, safety, friendship, health, and service.  This is a good beginning course with children’s literature for all students age or ability 4-8.
            Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child (Memoria Press)

   -- catalog, curriculum, book


              I’ll give that a try, I’m sure it would help immensely. And we did start the myself and others program last year, although we haven’t kept up on it, and my son enjoyed it. I’ll take a look at the other post, thank you again for your helpful responses!


                I just want to add that the recitation is meant to be done together, as in you say the question and then you both say the answer. Then once in a while you see if he can answer a few on his own to test his mastery.

                I have been doing MP for so many years and I just learned this this year.

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                  That’s good to know, I think I had unrealistic expectations of him with all the big changes that have been going on the last few months. Answering together might make him feel more confident to answer on his own later on. Thanks so much!


                    Originally posted by Littleway View Post
                    That’s good to know, I think I had unrealistic expectations of him with all the big changes that have been going on the last few months. Answering together might make him feel more confident to answer on his own later on. Thanks so much!
                    Some extra encouragement: reciting together is also how it’s done in the main MP track as well as at HLS. That method is always used for new info, even in the older grades. For material that has been recited for awhile, they’ll let you know when they know it, usually with some version of, “Mom, I can say that one myself.” 😊
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                      Thank you, that’s good to know! We’ve been trying it for the last few days and it’s going much better. He’s even said some answers on his own with much less resistance. So far so good!