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Simply Classical 3 - Latin question

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    Simply Classical 3 - Latin question

    Hello everyone!

    Just a quick question for those who have implemented Prima Latina. Our teacher's manual says "CD, Lesson 2" but our CD doesn't list Lesson 2 anywhere. Are we supposed to go through Number 2 on the CD (the pronunciation guide) or are we missing a CD?

    Thank you for your help!
    Kelly Jo

    Hi, Kelly Jo.

    If you look at the CD, you'll see that Track 8 begins with Lesson 1. Note that the next item on the CD is Track 12, which begins with Lesson V.

    Grouping the lessons by fives allows for easy review.

    Lessons I-IV will span Tracks 8-11, so you should find Lesson 2 (II) on Track 9.

    See if that helps --
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      That does help! Thank you. We will get back on track (ha ha!) tomorrow!