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Planning and preparing for a school year

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    Planning and preparing for a school year

    For those who home school (even a little) year-round, I am looking for suggestions. Due to what works for my daughter, we try to have short, more frequent school days. We don't normally take more than a week or so completely off at one time. It's a long story, but my child just does better with consistency. She stays hydrated better, avoids getting sick, copes with life better in general when we stay in routine. Every time we take a break, she gets sick. This last year I took the week before Sodalitas off to cook and clean, to prepare for being busy the week of Sodalitas. Then we took off the week of Sodalitas for obvious reasons, and the week after Sodalitas for review of the videos and material. Then I took off a couple more weeks to try to get ready for school. By the time I was actually ready to start the school year, we had had too long of a break.
    I want to plan better for next year, so I am looking for advise. Cooking and freezing meals for that week in the months leading up to Sodalitas would help. Do you have any other ideas on a was to be better prepared for Sodalitas training, for the new school year? We do not have to do full school days through July; it could be brief recitations, review, practice. I just need to find a way to give myself time to prepare for the next school year while keeping her in routine (especially for health's sake). Ideas???? Thank you in advance!

    It sounds like you’ve got a handle on the situation. The only thing I might suggest is to do your electives over the summer. There are always things we’d like to get to during the school year that we just can’t due to time constraints. Summer is a great time for that. It keeps the routine consistent but there is no pressure to formally learn (white knuckle grip). Art, Music, a literature study guide you didn’t get to during the year — there are lots of options.
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      Anita That's a good idea!