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Composition & Sketchbook

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    Composition & Sketchbook

    In SC 5/6 what is the composition book used for? Which subject should I store it with?

    Good morning, Jessica! Pardon the delay, as we were traveling and catching up from the convention in Cincinnati.

    You may store the Composition & Sketchbook with your Composition, Grammar, & Cursive materials.

    The Composition & Sketchbook gives a "home" for the student's written and illustrated compositions. The neatly-organized book allows you to give practice with writing skills in any or all subjects as a collection.

    You might set aside one day each week for a brief composition in a favorite subject, such as a non-fiction report in science, or in a subject in which the student needs to make connections across details and themes, such as literature. The student writes and illustrate the composition in the Composition & Sketchbook. This can serve as a portfolio by the end of the year.
    Our Composition & Sketchbooks allow each student to write and illustrate compositions. These books are a great resource for all subjects and become a journal of your child's work for each year.


      Thank you!


        cherylswope My daughter will happily write about and illustrate her lessons, as you described above. Should this be a free-writing assignment, or should I have her dictate it to me first (so that she can copy it correctly)? Although she is improving quickly, she still makes basic errors. Thank you!!!


          At the SC 5&6 level, you might encourage her to keep the writing brief initially but write the composition herself on draft paper. Together, you can edit for any punctuation, letter formation, or spelling errors. In this way you introduce the idea of editing. Explain that all writers, even professional writers, need editing before releasing the final version. Then she can copy her final version into the Composition & Sketchbook with illustrating as the "reward" for a well-written piece.

          I think this would be a preferable learning exercise contrasted against your writing her thoughts for her.


            cherylswope Yes, that sounds better. Thank you!