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In-Class Exercise Ideas?

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    In-Class Exercise Ideas?

    How do you incorporate more movement into your class time? We use a bosu ball, rebounder, and indoor swing, but my child seems to need more exercise. Before and after school we are using PE videos, playing outside, etc. My husband is trying to do PE with her, again, every evening that he can. I guess I'm just not active enough. She needs more exercise. I am considering a stationary under desk bike. Ideas??? Thank you.

    A mid-day walk can be good for everyone, mom included! It requires no additional equipment lying around the house and refreshes the mind for any remaining work.

    Also, you can use the Movement Activities in your guide by subject. Add similar games to any of your lessons: relay races to match flash cards, jumping rope or hopping in place while reciting math facts, or 10 jumping jacks as a transition to the next lesson.

    If these are not enough, do you think she might be ready for gymnastics, dance, or swimming at a local YMCA or community center?


      Oh, I wish!!! You're right. She's ready. We live in a tiny town four hours from Rapid City, so those kinds of classes are nearly impossible to find. I will have to look again. Thank you!!!


        Raising my hand to vote for gardening. πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ All my kids get involved (to one degree or another). My girls, especially, love it. We just spent the morning putting planter boxes together for our raised garden, watering, weeding, planning growing locations, etc. We got fresh air, sunshine, sweat, exercise and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment; great fun and a lovely change of perspective from sitting in the house all day (which we are sometimes guilty of!). My girls are excited to tend the garden and learn how to can what we are growing. We are having a blast.
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