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Level B Daily Routine

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    Level B Daily Routine

    Privately someone requested a step-by-step routine for teaching Level B with an only child in 30-minute teaching blocks without placing similar tasks (coloring and writing) close together.

    We share this here for others who may benefit from a similar model in the home or in a special-needs classroom setting.


    30 minutes
    Bible Literacy (story only)

    5-10 min
    Small restroom break -
    During this time, if not before, you or an older student pre-outline one or two key areas in the picture from Bible Pictures to Color with a colored marker.

    30 minutes
    Bible Literacy (coloring only) Bible Pictures to Color
    Color alongside your child to provide a model of coloring in an enjoyable context. When the timer rings, "grade" the coloring by placing a star by her best work. (Find something each day. "You used a rich, deep brown for 'Baby Moses in the Basket.'" "You colored the star in a beautiful way.") Take a moment to have her retell the story or simply name the key person in the story.

    10-15 minutes
    Dismiss for outdoor play or fine-motor play with music/language: puzzles, playdough, dressing stuffed animals or dolls, or shape sorters while listening to A Child's Garden of Songs CD for 30 minutes.

    30 minutes
    Alphabet Lesson/Ear Training

    10-15 minutes
    Quiet time or outdoor play
    My Very First Scissors Book

    30 minutes
    Number Lesson/Fine-Motor Skills

    30 minutes
    Closing Prayer


    Quiet time with any favorite or remaining read-alouds or with CDs of poetry set to music

    Outdoor play, play with playmates or siblings, outings, or activities from the front of the Level B Curriculum Manual

    This looks absolutely lovely. ❤️ This brings back memories of when we started with Level B with my oldest. Absolutely no way on earth could we have attempted this schedule with him 😂 God bless that child, he had to have all his work DONE before I could let him out of my sight or I would never see him again. LOL “A break” translated into “school is OVER!” Praised be Jesus Christ he has matured — largely due to all the work we put in that year! LOVE IT.
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