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Moving from SC 2 to SC 4

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    Moving from SC 2 to SC 4

    Occasionally students with milder needs complete Levels 1 and 2 with such success that they appear ready to jump over Level 3 and begin Level 4! This sometimes happens after Level 2 and we love it when it happens! We applaud the progress but caution that we do not want to create gaps. Therefore we recommend working through a few items prior to teaching Level 4. I sent this to a homeschooling parent today and decided to "sticky" the instructions to benefit others.

    We recommend completing these books after Level 2 and before Level 4, if you have not already taught from them:
    Individual Lesson Plans for SC 3 in Phonics/Reading/Spelling will guide your review.

    Note: SC Spelling Two does not require much time to work through each day and will set up success for TS I in Level 4. Given the student's newly developed abilities, she may be able to complete one week of SC Spelling lessons in 2-3 days. If not, slow down and teach as written. TS I can wait a bit.

    Last tip: At some point you will want to cover the American history read-alouds from Level 3; but we do offer the books as read-alouds (or for team reading) in Levels 5&6, so you can wait until then if you would like. Read in order, as the books provide a chronological overview of American history to prepare for more thorough studies later.


    If I want to use the American history books as shared reading in a mostly regular MP core as our history curriculum for the year, what grade would you say that is best for?


      Hi, Ginger. All of SC 3 Enrichment can be taught with children ages 7-11.

      The American history read-alouds can be long, but accompanying Science, Art, and Music selections are shorter. Science & Enrichment picture books from Level 3 go with the AmHist set. This book helps coordinate everything.