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Chronic fatigue for 14 year old

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    Chronic fatigue for 14 year old

    My daughter just turned 14 and has been diagnosed with autism, intellectual disability, APD and OCD, anxiety and depression. We have received many therapies and services for the areas listed but my biggest concern now is her sleep. She sleeps about 10 hours per night and most nights doesn't wake up, but she almost always takes two naps everyday, lasting from 1-2 hours. We did sleep studies when she was younger that just came back with mild sleep apnea. She is on medication for anxiety, depression and levothyroxine for her thyroid. The sleeping didn't seem to coincide with starting or changing doses on any of these medications. Does anyone have any ideas of what I should do or have checked out? She has this cyclical schedule every year where she gets very anxious and agitated in the spring and the fall and rages and is very hard to manage, but the rest of the year is very pleasant to be around.

    She currently sees a psych and endocrinologist and vision therapist. I am somewhat leary of taking her to specialists because they always seem to blow off the symptoms she is having and I am the crazy mom, but I will take her somewhere if I think it will help. Even if you don't have experience with this issue, can you offer any support for the fact that we have hit a standstill with academics. She is great at math, but every other subject is an issue. She is in vision therapy to help with her reading and we are doing equipping minds to help with memory and she is taking confirmation class at church and that is a good amount of work. Otherwise that is all we are accomplishing right now. I have five other kids and I am finding that is all I am able to accomplish between her naps. College is not the goal, she refinishes furniture with her dad and has been developing that into a business, which she will probably do as an adult, I am just struggling with being concerned with her health and worrying about academics. Sorry if this is confusing, I am trying to write as she sleeps and homeschooling the other kids.