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Recitation Review Box?

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    Recitation Review Box?

    I am excited I’ll be finishing Level 4 with my boys before Christmas hopefully. It has gotten easy now and was so hard last year when we began!
    Ive just gotten a teachers guide to begin to get familiar with Level 5/6. With two children sharing the program, could I just have one review box? What would you do?

    Hi, Lillian! Congratulations on nearing completion of Level 4 and on your boys finding it easier now than when they began!

    I would combine the boys in whattever format you choose, but create a method to indicate the items each has mastered uniquely. Items will be different for each twin. Sometimes I ordered two sets of flash cards and placed them in color coded sets by twin. Blue - her; green - his. Other times I marked mastery of oral recitations with color coded blue/green checkmarks. The favorite color of each child became our color coding for many things.

    Review can occur in whatever form will become truly doable for your homeschool. Some homeschoolers prefer the ease of oral recitation; others the visual component of flashcards; still others a review box. You have some time to ponder. When you develop your favorite system, you can use it for SC 5&6 and all the way through SC 11&12.

    Here are a few K-8 threads to help you think it through:

    MP Third Grade (similar to SC 5&6) Review Box,

    Enbateau's Flash Card Organization Photo, linked in bold below

    Look for "Jen in Japan's" suggestions in this thread as well,