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Placement question

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    Placement question


    I just gave my son the assessments yesterday. He is 9 years old. He has audio processing delays, fine motor difficulties and expressive language delays. He is on the autism spectrum along with pervassive demand avoidance or PDA. He needs most things scaled back because he shuts down if he makes mistakes or needs correction. He is also more child-like in terms of maturity.

    He scored 100% except in fine motor skills (73%) and in gross motor skills (71%) for Level C. In Level 1 he scored 100% in all categories. Which do you think would be more appropriate?

    I have been struggling with curriculum choices and frustrations with buying resources he is either not ready for or don't have the repetition built into the lesson plan.

    I appreciate your input and any advice you are able to offer.

    Welcome! When deciding among Levels C, 1, and 2, the greatest factor is reading. Where are his reading skills currently? Can he read CVC words (cat, pig, bed) easily? Can he spell these words? Is he also blending well? Can he read CVCC words (milk, bend)?

    If yes, you might look at the readiness assessment for Level 2 via the link. Look at the books included in Level 2. See if they appear to be at his level (with help). We continue working on auditory processing, expressive language, and fine-motor skills in all three of these levels, but we want to match his reading needs as closely as possible.

    Let us know his scores on Level 2 and we can help you make a decision!


      He scoted 80% in reading, 0% writing and spelling, 66% in arithmetic, 80% in language and 66% in social/work habits.


        These scores are from Level 2


          Then he may begin in Level 1!

          In Level 1 he will revisit phonics which, in the beginning, may seem easy; however, this will be paired with printing to assist both his visual memory of phonemes and his fine-motor skills. As the year progresses, the phonics lessons will increase in difficulty.

          Given the lower social/emotional/work habits score, you might add Myself & Others Book One Core Set with Book One Read-Aloud Set. This 14-week course can be taught in just 30-40 minutes each day, most of which is a read-aloud to extend attention and give the lesson greater depth of meaning. If he is learning well from this, you may teach Myself & Others Book Two later this same year.
          Myself & Others Book One is an introduction to the basics in manners and brief lessons in social understanding, safety, friendship, health, and service.  This is a good beginning course with children’s literature for all students age or ability 4-8.


            This is wonderful. Thank you for all of the info I need to get started. Another question I have is with regard to shipping. I live in South America. Is there a way to get the total weight for all the resources? An estimate would be helpful. The items would ship to our U.S. shipper and the they would the materials to us.

            Thanks again for your assistance.