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OT: Our new baby!

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    OT: Our new baby!

    Hi Ladies,

    I wanted to share our happy news...our baby Caleb Rhys was born on Wednesday. I have been so blessed by a safe, calm birth (after feeling so anxious about it)...and a very contented, beautiful boy.

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    Aussies from Sydney, Australia
    Miriam 10yo
    Jonathan 7yo
    Elissa 4yo
    Thomas nearly 2yo
    Baby due 1st July 2020

    YAY!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad it went well!

    He looks so snug and content! Love to you <3
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      Congratulations! He is adorable and everyone looks happy. Glad it all went well.

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        Congratulations! What a sweet little thing. I especially love the family picture, everyone looks so happy!

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          Thank you, Sarah! I love Jen's description: snug & content. So true. Blessings to your entire family --


            Congratulations! He is beautiful! And surrounded by so many people to love him!



              Congratulations Sarah! He is handsome! You have a beautiful family!
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              Baby due 9/27


                Thanks Ladies

                Aussies from Sydney, Australia
                Miriam 10yo
                Jonathan 7yo
                Elissa 4yo
                Thomas nearly 2yo
                Baby due 1st July 2020


                  Oh Sarah! I am so sorry I am just now seeing this and didn’t know. Congrats, dear friend, on the newest little tyke. Can’t wait to “see” you on one of our upcoming SC Mom meet-ups.

                  Susan P


                    Congratulations Sarah!!! This is wonderful news. What a precious little baby boy! You look radiant. Hugs all around and prayers for a blessed postpartum.
                    expat mama south of the border
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