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Summer plans?

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    Summer plans?

    On May 15th, we finished our school year. With Learning Therapy this year and a few enrichment co-op classes, we were able to complete Week 17 of SC 4. Early in the school year, this level seemed like a really big jump up for my boys. It took us 2-3 weeks to accomplish what was one week in the guide. I finally switched to an easier Science curriculum on animals, which helped. And with some maturity, starting on medication, and Learning Therapy, they began to move along a bit faster to where we could complete a scheduled week in 1.5 calendar weeks. Being safe at home helped get schoolwork done too. Now SC 4 is just right. The end of year testing they just had showed my older guy reading at a 3rd grade level and my younger guy reading at a 4th grade level. We will get the rest of the testing results next week.

    i think they will benefit from finishing SC 4 before moving onto SC 5, but I'm not sure what to do this summer. (I do have a summer Math plan with Cheryl's great suggestions of flash card review, worksheets and games. My 12 year old just finished all of Math 2, which is a big accomplishment! He finally reached a point where he could do a whole lesson in one day. We will do summer Math and then begin Math 3 later in August. My 11 year old is in the middle of Unit 2 of Math 2 and is struggling. Math is not very comprehensible to him. We will do summer Math and hope we can pick up where we left off in August.

    Both boys know they need to keep doing school in the summer, both to keep skills up and to have structure to our days. I have typically made school time shorter and done a lot of swimming and time with friends. We have a pool where we can swim this year and a few friends able to get together. It looks like we will have a short beach trip and one week each for a camp experience also (if things don't get cancelled). I have two ideas for our other subjects.

    1. Do summer review of the first half of SC 4 with the first four weeks of the 8 week review. Have them reread stories and Sarah Noble.

    2. Continue with SC 4, taking two weeks to do each week in the guide. Math will be shorter, and we'll finish our science next week. Then we would finish Level 4 sometime mid-year and could either do the 8 week review then or move into SC5 sooner.

    I could also add in Myself and Others 4 this summer. We've done M&O 1-3, but 4 got too hard, and I stopped. My boys- especially the 12 year old -can still definitely use help with social skills!

    Summer Suggstions?
    Thank you, Lillian

    I have found with my youngest boy that areas where there is zero progress, if I wait 6 weeks, he winds up being older and more mature, and better able to receive the new information. Try that M&O 4 again.

    With my eldest, she's on a light review of her Latin, Recitation, States & Caps and math Blacklines tucked in plastic protection sheets. She writes her time (stopwatch, not countdown) on the bottom, and we grade it together so she can write the ones she misses a few times. Check out the Childhood of Famous Americans bios from the various MP levels. I saw these are not scheduled in SC4, so try some as read alouds.

    My youngest has enjoyed puzzles for spatial development, Legos for fine motor development, Usborne animal lookbooks to increase vocabulary and visual discrimination, and ball sports. We've also been hitting our local nature park to identify tree types and collect fallen leaves for a book. We also installed a bird feeder outside of our school window that provides ample viewing of birds up close. We've seen chickadees, sparrows, cardinals, Blue Jays, nutfinches, and a few yet-to-be identified species. I know that since MP includes trees and birds in their sciences, none of these activities are wasted over a summer. Today, my son caught a fish, which was awesome, so we went over some of the parts of fish before it became dinner. My kids love to go crabbing and snail- and oyster-picking at my parents' house, so if you have a local river, lake or waterway, a field trip to an outside area can make kids keenly aware of our natural world God created.
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    DS 6-MPK with SC1 Phonics & Math
    Fall 2020


      Hi, Lillian. In addition to enbateau's excellent ideas, I like your idea of SC 4's first 4-week review condensed with re-readings of stories & Sarah Noble. Keep your good math plans. Add favorite Myself & Others (Book One-Three) stories with favorite or needed lessons to review. This would give you plenty of time for all-important swimming, friends, and refreshment.

      If you begin to feel ambitious, as we sometimes did over especially sweltering summers when we found ourselves indoors most days, you might curtail your review and resume teaching SC 4 to jump-start your school year. Do not feel pressured to do this, however. Your boys are making good progress!


        Thank you both! I will slowly do the SC 4 review weeks 1-3 with old M&O books and lessons. That’s a great idea!

        I did all the flash cards with both boys today. My 12 year old knows all of them well, but they weren’t very mixed up. I mixed them and will review once a week while playing games and finishing worksheets. My 11 year old knows them better than I thought he did, so that was a great surprise! I mixed them up for another review day and have a small stack we will practice daily, while playing games, doing worksheets, and some of your other good suggestions.