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Myself & Others vol. 1 & 2

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    Myself & Others vol. 1 & 2

    My question is concerning Myself & Others volume 1. My dd (ASD, dyslexia, dysgraphia) just turned eight. She is actually quite bright, but since a concussion eight months ago, she is really struggling. The last school year feels like such a waste. She had such headaches that she could hardly handle listening to anyone. She even seems to have lost her athleticism. All things considered, I am wondering if I should work through M&O horizontally, instead of vertically, allowing us to focus on one thought, one habit, at a time. We would still follow the 'Listening' portion as scheduled, ie reading the picture book each day. I would have her draw a picture of the concept for that day, such as hand-washing, then hang it up so that we could review it daily. She does well with sketching out her lessons. I am wondering if it would work to use this approach on our first sweep through volumes 1 & 2, so that she has been introduced to the ideas, then go through the volumes again, using the guides as written. Honestly, I just don't think that she will pick up all of these habits the first time through. She will pick up some habits and many ideas, but it seems as though this course will work more as an introduction to how we care for ourselves and others, rather than imprinting the habits within her. Please correct me if I am wrong. Can anyone share thoughts on this? Could it possibly work to progress through in a horizontal fashion, or would that be counter productive? Thank you so much for the help!

    Jessica Louise ,this is a brilliant idea. We will suggest this in other situations. Thank you!

    If you find that this is not working or is too limiting, you might add another category (e.g., Safety and Manners combined), rather than one at a time. Let us know how it goes.

    I'm sorry about your daughter's head injury. I assume she is being followed by a neurologist or someone in person with expertise in this area. I hope things will improve for her. In the meantime your adaptations seem intuitive and excellent.


      Thank you so much, Cheryl. You have really made me feel better about tackling this! M&O is actually my daughter's FAVORITE part of the day! Thank you for writing this program! The doctor really didn't think anything was wrong with her beyond a mild concussion, so it has been...interesting. An experienced chiropractor has helped immensely with the headaches, and we continue to work toward improvement. We are using Equipping Minds. Are you familiar with them? They specialize in concussion recovery and helping special needs children move toward better cognition. Thank you for your help! Your work is such an incredible blessing!!!