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New SC Latin Games & Puzzles

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    New SC Latin Games & Puzzles

    In our house we have brainstormed ways to enrich and structure the extra time we are spending at home due to COVID-19. We are pleased to offer this new Simply Classical resource to help families this spring and summer.

    This book will be part of Simply Classical Levels 7&8 but is also available now for purchase separately. Note the Answer Key linked on the same page:

    Is this edition different than the Ludere Latine Puzzles and Games book? Should we be doing the Ludere one in the first half of Latina Christiana, and then the SC one with SC 7/8?
    JeJe Greer
    Mom to:
    Stella 9th grade with half MP and half Schole Academy classes
    Clara (Combination of SC 5/6 and 4th New User)


      Hi, Jeje.
      • Ludere Latine is more challenging, more detailed, has a smaller font, is more in-depth and is more teacher-intensive. If you have a motivated student and time to teach, especially the grammar crosswords, Ludere Latine is an excellent companion to Latina Christiana.
      • Simply Classical Latin Games & Puzzles provides more visual "white space," can be completed more independently, and is intended for brief, enjoyable, successful review.
      You may choose either book for the first half of Latina Christiana.

      Just so you know, SC schedules various non-writing games into the first half of Latina Christiana (SC 5&6). In SC 7&8, we begin by reviewing the first half with Simply Classical Latin Games & Puzzles and then include Simply Classical Latin Games & Puzzles throughout the second half.

      I hope that explanation was not too confusing. The bottom line: Either book can be useful for you! Ludere Latine will offer more challenge. SC Latin Games & Puzzles may offer more immediate success.