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Younger sibling

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    Younger sibling

    I'm using SC with my oldest son. This year I sent my youngest son to preschool because I suspected he was picking up some of his older brother's language patterns and behaviors. He is thriving in school. The plan was always to homeschool both boys, but now I'm wondering if my youngest would be better off in school. Does anyone have any experience with this you're willing to share? Any advice?

    You note that your youngest is thriving in his preschool. A few questions:

    Would he remain in preschool next year or attend a kindergarten program?

    If the latter, what do you think of the education he would receive in the kindergarten program? Are you familiar with the teachers and classrooms in the school he would attend?

    Does he attend the preschool program every day? Half days? Full days? If not yet full-day every day, would he continue to thrive if his required school attendance became full-day every day?

    Are you willing to have a school-driven family schedule alongside your homeschool?

    Is your oldest son similarly thriving by having more of your time and attention?

    What does your husband think?

    At this point I have no answers, only questions to ponder!


      Thank you for the questions. If my youngest were to go to school next year it would be another year of preschool. If I brought him home we would likely start kindergarten. He currently goes 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. Next year would be the same. Two of those days my oldest is at therapy appointments during that time, the other days we do school then. My oldest son certainly tries to demand all of my attention, but I don't know that he thrives from having it. When I can get him to do things on his own he takes pride in having done a good job on his own. My husband thinks either option is fine. He's probably right.


        Then it seems you would want to see who will be teaching next year, check into the dynamics of the expected students (e.g., roughly the same children as this year?), and weigh the options. If another year of preschool results in only 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, this could be a benefit for everyone! Then you can re-evaluate when his kindergarten year rolls around.


          Thank you for the help.


            From the trenches....I sent my two younger children to two years of preschool while homeschooling my oldest SN child full time. The middle did kindergarten at home. Halfway through first grade she went back to public school while we worked on severe behavior problems with the oldest at home. Quite honestly, she deserved the normalcy and safety of school. We knew the teacher very well and were confident in our daughter going to school. She came home for second and third grade.

            And if the youngest is chomping at the bit for school, you could do some light afternoon lessons after preschool. My middle ended up doing most of the kindergarten core with me during her second preschool year or jr kindergarten is a great option.
            DS12- Simply Classical mash-up of SC Spelling 1, intensive reading remediation, and MPOA 4th grade math.
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            We've completed:
            Classic Core Jr. kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade
            Simply Classical levels B, C, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5/6


              Thank you Colomama. I think that normalcy is going to be the tipping point for us to send him to school this coming year. We'll play it by year after that. Glad to hear from someone who has done this.