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Anxiety, History, and Phonics

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    Anxiety, History, and Phonics

    I posted this in the FB group, but didn’t get much feedback. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I know my issues are relatively small potatoes.

    My five year old son is doing regular MP K. He has a summer birthday, and didn’t have good phonemic awareness when we started, so we’ve struggled a bit. We’ve come a really long way, but I feel he’s still behind in his reading and comprehension. I should have used JrK for half a year or used SC.

    One thing I don’t like about MP, and I know it’s a huge part, is the “hero’s journey” idea. I’m very anti-war, and I don’t think the victor of war is always who’s virtuous. I’ve planned out through 8th grade, and I plan to use a mix of MP and Beautiful Feet for history and geography, to deal with this. But I’ve now encountered another problem. I was reading about the Alamo in William Bennett’s The Children’s Book of America today. My son and I both have extreme anxiety (mine mostly from severe health issues that cause nervousness in my body), and we both hated that story. He said he didn’t want to read about people shooting and dying. I know he’s young and may change, but I notice how SC doesn’t approach history the same way regular MP does. Maybe those of you with children with behavioral issues feel the same way??
    I want him to KNOW history, but I’m all about peace, love, and happiness, and I’m really torn about having to show all the ugly to get to the good. And I have no desire to add to either one of our anxiety. Any thoughts?

    Hi, Ginger.

    For phonics, phonological awareness, and reading, have you looked at SC C, SC 1, and SC 2? You might consider scoring the placement tests for those levels and letting us know where he currently falls. Then we can help you create a good plan for him.

    For history and classical studies, in SC we try to be sensitive to such issues and delay or omit teaching some dramatic or intense events for just this reason. Even so, if MP or SC ever includes anything that will be detrimental to your child, feel free to further edit and sidestep such lessons or readings. Several parents with highly sensitive children pre-screen the readings all the way into pre-teen and teen years. You know your child's needs, so navigate accordingly.

    My daughter often helps us screen books and illustrations for intensity or weighs in saying, "Oh, no, Mom, that will creep them out!", because she "sees" things differently than we might. Despite all of our safeguards you will still need to know when your child can be gently stretched vs. when it will be best to set aside something for a later time or omit altogether.