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    God is good!


      Thanks great news, Cheryl!
      We will see you and Michelle in StL at GHC!

      DS 17: Senior!
      DD 14: 10th
      DD 10: 6th
      Twin DD's 8: 3rd
      Mix of MP, Co-op, TAN and traveling the U.S


        Awesome news!!
        Blog: [url][/url]

        DS18: Graduated and living his dream in the automotive trades
        DS17: MP, MPOA, headed to his favorite liberal arts college this fall
        DS15: MP, MPOA
        DS13: Mix of SC 5/6 & SC 7/8
        DD11: Mix of 5M and SC7/8
        DD10: SC3
        DD7: MPK


          Thank you! We're still celebrating. We had a special dinner last night.

          We're also cautious. We just received the actual echo report. Now I'm a little confused as to why we were told "normal" by her primary care dr.

          The cardiologist noted these findings in his report:

          - Ejection fraction 47%, indicating some struggles for the heart to pump normally (normal is 50-65%; mine is 62%, for example)
          - Mitral valve regurgitation
          - Tricuspid valve regurgitation

          All are mild, and the report is mostly normal, so we are grateful for that.

          However, she and Michael went for a hearty walk this Saturday morning only to turn around because Michelle had a pounding heart and chest pain. Usually they take 3-4 mile walks, but they had to stop after .5 miles and come home.

          We may take all of this to the big-city heart doctors just to make sure we're not missing something.

          The good news is that with her lowered blood pressure she feels much, much better and is her usual undaunted self.


            She's one brave young woman - I'm so sorry this must be so stressful for all of you... Keep us posted!
            DS (16)
            DD (15)
            DS (7)